Top 10 best time management skills

Top 10 best time management skills

Time management may feel like walking on eggshells, especially when you have so much to do. Hands down, managing your day may seem like the toughest thing for you, but it does not have to be.

We’ve all been there. Days that seem so packed that sometimes you can’t find some time for your lunch. I’m pretty sure what puzzles you is how you are going to fix all those activities in one day. Well, here are 10 time management skills that will help in easing out your day.

1. Develop a morning routine.

First things first, you need to organize your morning. While mornings always tend to rush and jam-packed with lots of activities, having a morning routine will actually help ease your day. You need to take charge of your morning by coming up with specific actions that you will do every morning. Also, stick with your routine for maximum results. I can not stress this enough.

Productive mornings usually lead to a productive day with minimal time wastage. You can start by doing a morning jog, yoga, or even an exercise. Also, if you do not have a lot of time in the mornings, spare at least 30 minutes where you can work out and kickstart your body.

Take charge of your mornings.

2. Come up with a to-do list.

To-do lists are an essential aspect of time management. While it may seem tasking to create one, it will definitely help you in managing your day. It does not have to be a complicated process for you.

These lists are easy to make as you just need to write down some activities that you have to accomplish. If you feel like the process of creating the list is overwhelming for you, just start off with 5 things that you have to do. You can either write the file before you sleep or first thing when you wake up.

A huge perk of to-do lists is the satisfaction and self-appreciation you will have once you cross out an item from your list. Going to bed satisfied will definitely make you more motivated to grind harder, reducing the time you would have otherwise wasted.

robot showing to-do list as time management
Image by Sandra Schön from Pixabay

4. Prioritize your activities.

Some activities will definitely override others in life, and it is perfectly normal. With the many things that one has to do, you must know how to prioritize arranging the activities in your to-do list in order. This will help you in time management as you can allocate more time to what really matters to you.

As your life evolves, you can always come up with new priorities to reflect your life.

5. Don’t fully book your calendar.

You need to have activities lined up in your calender s that you can plan yourself. however, it is not cool if ever day is fully booked.

Having open days allows for flexibility. Let’s face it. Sometimes life happens, and you find yourself unable to accomplish all goals that you had set for yourself for a particular day. This is where the open day comes in. It will help in time management as you can then accomplish the other goals that you were not able to take care of. I would advise you to have at least one free day weekly.

6. Have a calendar app.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and we may get carried away with events in our lives, making us lose focus in the process. To deal with this, you need to have a calendar app. Apps allow you to set notifications to remind you when it’s time to do something. This is an essential aspect of time management, especially if you have a lot going on at the moment.

7. Don’t procrastinate, just get it done.

We all have those moments when you procrastinate an action sometimes because you feel lazy, other times, you just don’t feel like you are up to the task. Either way, procrastination significantly affects your time management abilities. Even if you feel like you are giving yourself the time, you are actually going to work harder to compensate for the lost time. So just do it, there is never a perfect time.

7. Think of your time as money.

10 time management skills
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Imagine flashing down dollars down the toilet. Absurd right? Well, that is precisely what you should think of whenever you feel too lazy to do anything.

If your time is worth $500 per hour, then liken wasting thirty minutes to flashing $250. With this in mind, trust me, you will up your time management skills. No one wants to waste money, and I suppose you don’t also.

You can always convert time that you previously wasted into productive time. For instance, if you are a fan of playing board games but never have the time to practice, you can download mobile apps and play on your commute to work or school.

8. Rest

Yes, you read it right.

You need to give yourself a break and take a rest. Resting recharges you giving you the energy to do your next task efficiently. In the process, you end up improving your time management as you don’t waste time as you drag yourself doing something while exhausted.

9. Turn big goals into small doable tasks.

While it is vital to have goals, you will be more productive if you divide them into small doable tasks. This way, you can improve your time management as you plan the activities that will finally lead you to accomplish your dreams. Take it one stair at a time.

10. Don’t lose hope.

You mustn’t lose hope in your time management journey. You may not get it right this time, but it does not mean you will never get it right. Failure is just another opportunity to get better and improve yourself. Never lose hope!!


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