The 7 best paying college student jobs

The 7 best paying college student jobs

Landing yourself one or two college student jobs is one of the most coveted things while you are in school for so many reasons. Maybe you want to:

  • Pay off your student debt.
  • Upgrade your lifestyle
  • Some financial freedom

I always wanted a part-time job in college for so many reasons, but most importantly, I wanted to help in clearing my fee. So, I did try a lot of things, some mix and match to see what I did like, and I must say, I only did some jobs for very little time. So eventually, in my job-seeking, I stumbled on some part-time college jobs that any student can land. Well without much ado, here are some of the best college student jobs.

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College Student jobs 1. A blog.

The 7 best paying college student jobs

Well, blogs are kinder the in thing right now. You don’t have to be a genius to start one, you only need an interest in a specific topic. I must say, during my freshman year, I started a free blog as just a way to pass time.

However, with time, I discovered people are actually making A LOT of money through blogs some up to the tune of $25,000 per month. Crazy, right?. That’s when I decided to upgrade to a paid version where monetization is easier.

Blogging seems like an easy way out, but the truth is, it also requires some hard work. Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP. Eventually, all your efforts will pay. The beauty with blogging is it’s so flexible and only requires a few hours per week to keep your site updated and fresh.

How will you earn from your blog? I’ve actually gotten this question many times.  Blog income is mostly from ad revenue, affiliate links, and selling your own products.

There are so many courses out there but I’d recommend you check out Anastasia from She helped me with my blogging journey, and she is so friendly. I was a little skeptical about taking her course, but I actually thank God I took it. Kickstarting a blog is a little hard, especially if you do not know what to do when. If I was starting all over again, I’d definitely still take her courses!

However, Anastasia takes care of this as she takes you to step by step in opening up your blog as well as giving you jam-packed info on how to promote your blog on Pinterest. She has this amazing offer where she’ll install a premium theme for you FREE as long as you purchase your hosting through her. Seriously, you guys should consider this.

Apart from email support, Anastasia also has a private Facebook Support group exclusive to her students. She personally answers the questions and advises you accordingly. You can check out her fantastic Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course here.

Anastasia also has one-on-one coaching on your blog and Pinterest marketing strategy if you feel you need it. You can check that out here. She also gives a discount if you purchase both the course and the coaching together.

College Student jobs 2: A freelancer.

During my 2nd year in college, a friend mentioned how he was earning through freelancing. I was broke and would do anything that would bring me money and so I requested him to help me break ground in the industry. Freelancing means you offering any service, mostly online, to targeted clients. It pays up to $22.50 per hour, depending on your skills level and your client base. Here are some freelancing apps I used.

  • Upwork. This platform is among the most preferred sites by freelancers. To get in Upwork, you need to meet some minimum requirements. You can always google and watch YouTube videos on how to crush those tests. Although pay depends on the client’s budget, the wage is decent compared to other freelance sites.
  • Fiverr. I loved Fiver since I did not have to meet any minimum requirements and tests. You need to open a fiver account and create your gig. The best thing about this platform is you can earn from literally anything. You can sing great, create a music gig. You can write poetry, perfect, write your poetry gig.
  • ProbloggerThis is the best freelance site, in my opinion. It offers some really nice paying jobs, and the site is updated frequently. Sometimes, you will find that the client has put some specific requirements to qualify for the job. Be sure to double-check before applying for the posts.

Other freelance sites include:

College Student Jobs 3: Walking a dog or pet sitter.

The 7 best paying college student jobs

I did try this one because I’m a huge fan f animals (although cats are my favorite). If you’re also big on animals, you can always try this gig as it pays around $15 – $30 per hour.

Animals are natural stress-relievers, especially if you’re good with them, so this one would be a plus for you. Sometimes, the pet owner may also request you to pet sit when they are not around. However, it requires some little bit of flexibility. I’d, however, like to emphasize that although I advocate this job, it may be a little difficult to bag one during this pandemic.

College Student Jobs 4: Social media specialist.

Social media is offering new opportunities that you can tap into. If you’re good at social media stuff (posting, tweeting, commenting, etc.), then this role is for you. Companies are too busy doing other tasks or do not know how to manage their social media platforms.

Most of the time, this is a remote job and does not require you to physically be at the company’s physical address. Although I did it for a short while, I think this is a great job, seeing I could keep up with the latest trends. On average, it pays around $22 per hour.

You need to have some knowledge on how to run a site/social media page, including some pro features, if applicable. You can always use freelance sites like Fiverr.  Tip; apply to companies that you can identify with their services and products. This will make it easier for you to easily flow and manage their site as if it is your own.

College Student jobs 5: Become a virtual assistant.

The 7 best paying college student jobs

Virtual assistants are so in demand right now, mainly because a lot of people are so busy but can’t afford a personal assistant. In this job, be prepared to answer calls, book the calendar, respond to emails, practically anything a personal assistant may do only you’re doing it online.

You can expect to earn an average of $6 per hour. However, if you decide to make this your full-time career after school, you’ll find that with time, you can earn up to $10,000 per month. You can always use Fiver (I told you this platform is incredible) and set up your gig.

Alternatively, you can also use agencies such as Zitual. However, you must countercheck that their hours do not clash with your college class hours.

College Student jobs 6: Tutoring

This is a great way to earn if you are chatty like me and can teach. I considered teaching English while at college, but you can teach any subject you like. While at it, you can also sell your notes (that’s if you wrote your notes well enough for someone else to read and understand).

It’s legal, so don’t worry about the legality part.

I’d recommend using StudySoup. You just need to upload your notes once a week and prepare a study guide, one week to exams. You’ll receive your payment after midterm or exams (3-5 days after the exam). You can earn up to $ 500 with your notes on StudySoup. However, as a beginner, you can expect to make less than that.

The best part of selling your notes is you’ll also gain A LOT as you strive to produce the best notes, both you and your clients will benefit from reading those notes. For those aspiring to teach English, I’d recommend using Cambly online teaching platform. The platform pays every Monday via PayPal, and you can expect to earn $10.20 chatting with older students and $12 per hour teaching kids.

College Student Jobs 7: Become a graphic designer.

No, it is NOT a must for you to have a degree in graphic design to become a graphic designer but if you have some background info on the topic, the better!

You can head over to Canva and explore your creative side, making posters before you decide to follow this direction. Canva has a free option that is pretty cool with most features that you’d need. I also use Canva while creating posters for my blog, and I did not study graphic design while at college.

For your experiments, you might want to use free stock photos from pixabay or pexels. However, you can also upload images from your computer to the platform.

I hope this college student job list has helped you with some of the information you were seeking.



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