How to pass time in a boring class

We’ve all been to one of those boring classes that for some reason, never seem to end. Time moves snail slow, and all you can hear is the teacher faintly talking in the background, but nothing is getting into your head. Arguably, one of the worst things to a student may be a boring class! You never really know what to do during the lesson and may find yourself dozing off.

The best way to pass the time during a boring class is to keep yourself active throughout the whole lesson to avoid falling asleep and embarrassing yourself. You can do this through some of these games I’ve listed here, or you can formulate your own.

Games to play in a boring class

Games are an excellent way to pass time in class. You would typically aim to play games that do not require much of your attention as you’ll still need to show a little participation in class. The best would be to try and play games in turns or short games where you are not having an extended playtime or a long game level.

Phone games to play in a boring class.
  • Digital
  • Hearthstone
  • Fortnight mobile.
  • Relic run
  • Leap day (iPhone)
  • 2048 (highly recommend, one of my best games to date)
  • UFC
  • Pes 2019
  • Hoppity Block
Paper games to play in a boring class.
  • tic-tac-toe
  • dots and squares.
  • Zetangle.
  • Finish the lyrics. (Write down some lyrics and pass the paper to your friend to complete).
  • Doodle (Highly recommend, oddly very entertaining).
Useful things to do in a boring class.
  • Write a poem.
  • Read a novel. Make sure you’ve covered it with the textbook cover to disguise it to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Read for an upcoming test. Well, if you can’t concentrate during your current class might as well study for that next test and ace it.
  • Try and concentrate. I know I know, some classes are really a tough nut. However, if you try to focus and keenly listen while taking notes at the same time, you’ll find that time is moving a lot faster than when you were not listening and bored.
  • Ask questions related to the topic. You can try to ask some creative questions related to the topic that will help make the class more interesting. It might also earn you some perks from the teacher as they have a way of noticing students who ask relevant and creative questions in class. You can also try comping up with possible exam questions and ask them.
  • Practice writing with your left arm or your right arm if you’re left-handed. You’ll enjoy this plus it will stimulate your mind.
  • Read the textbook. Maybe your class isn’t boring, maybe your teacher makes it. Try reading your textbook and pick what works best for you; the teacher or reading for yourself. The goal is to get some knowledge despite the source.
What not to do in a boring class.
  • Sleep. Seriously, this will put you in trouble or embarrass you.
  • Cause trouble/disrupt class. You do not want to be the student who the teacher dislikes. Not to mention that it is highly disrespectful seeing that the teacher is trying to impact some useful knowledge that could help you in the future. The least you could do is not get into trouble with them.
  • Playing the bouncing noises games. This will land you in some serious trouble. Do not attempt it.

Well, there you have it. Class doesn’t have to be so boring now.


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