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Discover Why Cats Drink Warm Milk & Why It’s Okay

For a long time, cats have always been known to be obsessed with milk. However, some recent studies have proven that most cats are lactose intolerant. So is it okay to give your cat some milk if they digest lactose properly? Absolutely! What about warm milk, can cats drink warm milk?

Key take away:

  • Cats drink warm milk
  • Most cats are lactose intolerant and should drink lactose-free milk.
  • Cats that digest lactose can have milk

Can Cats Drink Warm Milk?

Cats drink warm milk, especially during winter or cold evenings. The mil should be warm to the touch and not too hot to cause scalding. Avoid giving cow milk to cats who are lactose intolerant.

Do Cats Like Warm or Cold Milk?

Most cats prefer cold milk, especially during spring and summer. However, cats drink warm milk during the colder months, to help with warming their bodies up.

Many cats drink warm milk as it also soothes their throats by increasing blood flow to the area.

Do Cats Like Warm or Cold Milk?

Can Cats Drink Boiled Milk?

Cats can drink boiled milk. Boiling milk kills any microorganisms or bacteria that might be in the milk. It’s a great way to make milk safe for your cat.

If your cat properly digests lactose, and you feed them milk from the barn, then it’s best to boil it first. Unboiled raw milk may have Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, Brucells, Listeria, and Cryptosporidium.

These are not only dangerous to your cat but also to you. So make sure you boil your milk first.

Can We Give Milk to Cats Without Boiling It?

It is okay to serve your cat milk without boiling only if it is pasteurized. Unpasteurized/unboiled milk poses a health risk to cats with dangerous bacteria and microorganisms present in the milk. Stick to lactose-free milk if your cat is lactose intolerant.

Most milk brands on supermarket shelves pasteurize their milk as it is a requirement by health authorities.

Is Warm Milk Good to Kittens?

Warm milk is good for kittens. Remember kittens only take warm milk from their mums, so giving them something warm makes sense. Make sure the milk, or kitten milk replacer, is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kittens, especially those under 6 weeks, depend solely on milk as their source of nutrition. Giving them cold milk will make them lose the much-needed body heat quick.

Keep in mind, kittens get cold easily so you should aim at always keeping their bodies warm.

Some kittens will carry this preference into their adulthood explaining why some cats drink warm milk only.

Cats Drink Boiled Milk

Can Kittens Drink Regular Warm Milk?

Kittens should drink kitten milk. However, in the absence of kitten milk or a replacer, you can give them some regular warm milk. Just make sure you dilute it, two parts milk and one part water.

Alternatively, you can opt for goat milk as it has less lactose compared to cow milk. Avoid giving them sheep milk as it has a very high lactose level. Camel milk is also a great option as it is very nutritious.

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What If My Kitten’s Milk Is Too Hot?

Do not feed your kitten milk that is too hot. Wait for the milk, or kitten milk formula/replacer to cool down. Giving kittens hot milk will cause scalding and reduce their feeding capabilities.

Always check the milk’s temperature before giving it to your kitten.

Kitten's Milk Is Too Hot

Can Cats Drink Cold Milk?

Cats can drink cold milk, especially during the warm seasons. Cold milk can act as a hydration source, especially for cats that are poor water drinkers.

CoolSpring, FallPreferred
Room tempYear-roundVaries by cat

Is It Okay to Give an Outdoor Cat Warm Milk With Water?

Outdoor cats drink warm milk with water. However, it would be best if you gave them some lactose-free milk instead. Most cats are not able to properly digest lactose and will end up with stomach upsets.

If you don’t have any lactose-free milk, it’s okay to give them some diluted cow milk. Stray cats struggle and fight for food, so a little kindness is always appreciated.


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