Can Cats Drink Soda
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Can Cats Drink Soda: 3 Major Reasons Why Cats Die From Soda

An ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola on a sunny afternoon hits all the right spots. The rich flavor in the cold drink, as it slides into your throat, is a moment of pure satisfaction. Now, while soda is thirst-quenching for us, can the same be said for cats? Can cats drink soda?

Cats should not drink soda. The carbonated drinks are laced with high levels of sugar or sweeteners that are toxic to cats, not to mention the caffeine, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Key take away:

  • Cats can and will drink soda, but this doesn’t mean you should test it.
  • Soda is bad for a cat’s health.
  • Too much soda can be fatal to cats.

Can Cats Drink Soda?

No, cats shouldn’t drink soda because soda can kill cats, especially when drunk in large amounts. Citric acid in soda is extremely toxic to cats. The acid leads to central nervous system depression in cats.

According to Indy Vet Care, immediately take your cat to a vet if they’ve taken large amounts of citric acid.

Why Cats Should Not Drink Soda

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is important to us. I mean, most of us (including me) are unable to function without that morning cup of coffee.

The same stimulating compound that fuels our love for morning coffee is present in sodas. Unfortunately, caffeine is toxic to cats. Just two licks of caffeinated drinks pose a significant threat.

The VCA animal hospital even labels caffeine as extremely toxic.

However, toxicity levels depend on your cat. Older cats or those with kidney problems experience the biggest effects.

Symptoms can manifest within 30 minutes and, if left untreated, can persist for up to 12 hours.

Some signs of caffeine toxicity in cats include:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heartbeats
  • Restlessness
a cat drinking coffee

2. Sugar

Sodas are notorious for their high sugar content. For every 100 grams of soda, there is 11g of sugar.

This is too much, for cats.

Now, although sugar isn’t toxic to cats, they don’t need it. It has zero nutritional value for them.

If you give your cat soda, it will only lead to a fat cat who has dental issues.

And you know what the worst part is?

Cats can’t even taste sugar! So, there’s really no point in cats having soda.

3. Acids

Soda has added acids, citric acid, and phosphoric acids.

These two are preservatives and add flavor to the carbonated drink.

To bring you in the loop, citric acid is found in lemon juice and other citrus fruits.

While citric acid is safe for humans, it’s toxic to cats.

In small quantities, cats will only experience mild issues.

However, citric acid in large amounts will gut issues.

In the worst situations, citric acid in soda can lead to problems with the central nervous system in cats.

What Happens If My Cat Drinks Soda

Cats that drink soda in low amounts will experience vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal options. The symptoms start showing within 30 minutes of taking soda.

a cat feeling bad after drinking soda

What Should I Do If My Cat Drinks Soda?

If your cat takes soda, you need to observe them for any symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, take them to the vet immediately. If your cat drank a lot of soda, take them to the vet immediately as soda can be toxic to cats in large amounts.

Can Cats Drink Coke?

Cats should not drink Coca Cola. Coke is loaded with lots of sugar and it gets its dark color from caramel. The citric acid and caffeine in Coca-Cola is also very toxic to cats.

The carbonated water can also easily give cats gas and bloating issues.

It’s best if cats stay away from Coca-Cola.

Can Cats Drink Diet Coke?

Cats should not drink Diet Coke or Coca Cola Light. Although it has fewer calories, Coca-Cola Light has more sodium. Diet coke has artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that are not safe for cats.

Coca-cola light uses aspartame, an artificial sweetener.

Aspartame is safe in small amounts. However, in large amounts, cats experience gastrointestinal problems.

Diet coke is marketed as having fewer calories and may come off as healthier. However, these are empty calories for cats.

Can Cats Drink Coke Zero?

Cats should not drink Coke Zero. Although the soda has zero sugar, the soda uses artificial sweeteners like acesulfame potassium, and aspartame which are unhealthy for cats.

In small quantities, acesulfame potassium is safe for cats. However, in large amounts it’s toxic.

Can Cats Drink Sprite?

Cats should not drink Sprite. Apart from the high sugar content, Sprite has citric acid that’s toxic to cats. The added artificial flavors also cause gastrointestinal problems to cats.

Sprite has an extremely high sugar content to make up for the lack of caffeine.

The sugar content serves the same purpose as the caffeine. Giving a much-needed boost in energy.

Can Cats Drink Fanta?

Cats should not have Fanta soda. Although Fanta is caffeine-free, it’s just as unhealthy for your cat as Coca Cola. Fanta is loaded with high sugar to make up for the lack of caffeine.

Can Cats Drink Dr Pepper?

Cats should not drink Dr Pepper. This carbonated drink is loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives harmful to cats. Even Dr Pepper Zero is not healthy for cats and they should not have it.

Can Cats Drink Ginger Ale?

Cats should not drink ginger ale. Ginger ale is loaded with sugar and is not healthy for pets. It will most likely irritate their stomach and intestines.

Can Cats Drink Carbonated Drinks?

Cats can drink some carbonated drinks, mostly carbonated water in small quantities. This however entirely depends on the level of carbonation. Cats shouldn’t drink highly carbonated drinks.

Other Types of Drinks That Are Bad for Cats

Cats should not drink cow milk, coffee, tea, alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey, etc.), soda, or other soft drinks. Avoid giving them anything with added sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, and added artificial preservatives.

What Drinks Are Okay for Cats?

Cats can safely drink water, lactose-free milk, goat milk, cat milk, bone broths and soups, oral rehydration fluids, and tuna juice. Do not add salt to the broths and soups.

Some cats are finicky water drinkers putting them at risk for kidney problems.

Feel free to incorporate the above, experimenting to find out what your cat likes.

If you’re vegan, you can check out this post on some safe vegan drinks for cats.

cat drinking soda

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