Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night

Surprising Reasons Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night

You’re probably wondering why your furry friend is obsessed with night cuddles. Cats will cuddle at their time and on their terms. Here is the answer to why does my cat only cuddle at night, so you will probably catch the answer to your question. 

All cat’s are different at the end of the day. But who could even be mad at them coming to us to cuddle. They’re so fluffy and soft and the best for cuddles in the cold nights.

Why does my cat only cuddle at night?

Cats love snuggling at night for the following reasons:

1. More active at night.

Cats are nocturnal in nature, meaning they are most active at night and sleep away during the daytime.
Because of this nature, cats will locate their favorite humans and snuggle as that is the time they are most active.

2. Safety in numbers.

Cats understand that there is safety in numbers especially since danger mostly lurks at night.

Since they see you as a member of their pack, the kitty will aim at staying close to you during the night. It is comforting to them knowing that if there is any danger, then you will both overcome.

3. You’re a source of warmth.

Humans are endotherms and do not rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature. However, we do appreciate staying in warm environments and so do cats!

Nights can get very cold especially during winter and In trying to keep warm, your cat will curl up next to you.

My cat always waits for me to warm up the bed before she can jump in and snuggle.

4. Sign of love.

Cuddling is one way in which cats express their love.

When cats touch and snuggle, they are transferring their scent to you. Pretty much marking you as theirs.
Seeing they are more active at night, your cat may be trying to utilize their time by showing how much they love you. How sweet ????.

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5. It is part of their routine.

Depending on how you have trained your cat, h/she may love cuddling only at night. Animals are quick to adapt to the routine and will easily go with the flow.

My cat cuddling when I'm sleeping An image of my catto after cuddling with me at night.

Why does my cat only cuddle in bed?

Cats obsess over warm cozy places explaining why your cat loves to cuddle in bed.

If your fur baby wants to jump into your bed and curl up, it simply means your bed is very comfortable for the cat!

You can relax knowing your cat is not the only one obsessed with this behavior.

(Survey had 350 participants who willingly provided the needed information. Participants were sourced from various cat groups and societies that I am a member of.)

From my survey, 241 cat parents reported that their fur balls loved cuddling in the bed or the couch. According to some kitty owners, their felines know bedtime and will stick to it.

Wait, it doesn’t end there. Some cats will even go and get their fur parents if it is bedtime and the parents are still busy.

Here is a chart showing my findings:

Chart explaining why cat love to cuddle in bed

Why does my cat only cuddle when I’m sleeping?

Your fur baby snuggling you while you sleep might be because they’re trying to protect you while you’re sleeping.

Cats understand that one is in their most vulnerable state while they are resting. Resulting from the deep bond you two share, kitty will try their best to protect you as you snooze off.

From my survey, I also noticed that cat parents reported their fur balls wanting to cuddle either when they are asleep/sitting or any time that they are in a non-moving position for some time.

Some cat purrents also reported their cats loved sleeping on their chest, face, feet, or head.

Wait, it doesn’t end there. Some cat owners revealed that their cats loved shoving their butts in their faces while they were sleeping.

Why is my cat only affectionate at night?

Some cats will show affection at night since that is the time that they are most active.

By nature, felines are nocturnal meaning they are not as alert during the day and may sleep and lazy around. However, darkness brings out their alertness.

It doesn’t mean your cat is up to something or anything. It simply implies that they are choosing to express their love when they are fully alert and aware of their surroundings.

My cat Feliciano is a huge fun of night and bed cuddles. This left me wondering whether my cat was the only one who loves curling up beside me during sleeping time. I did a research and this is what I found:

Out of 350 participants, 243 reported that their cats loved cuddling at night. Some fur parents also added that their cats will demand cuddles at a specific time during the night.

Here is a chart explaining the times of day that cats love to cuddle:

Chart explaining why cats love to cuddle at night(Chart showing the different times cats love to cuddle)

It doesn’t end there. Some cat parents reported that their furballs would accompany them to the washroom if they woke up at night.

However, some cats will cuddle at any time of the day. Most of these cats target when their owners are sitting, sleeping, or in a still position for some time.

Other cats only cuddle before and after food. Some purrents also reported their cats wanted cuddles when they are working.

Surprisingly, my Feliciano sometimes also demands a cuddle whenever I’m busy working on my laptop!

Why does my cat become super affectionate only when we are alone?

Your fluff ball may want to snuggle when you’re alone since your scent provides them with comfort.

Cats are extremely sensitive to the different smells in their environment. Sometimes when guests are visiting, your cat may choose to stay aloof and mind their business just to avoid the different scents in the room.

Personally, my fur baby Feliciano loves cuddling when we are only the two of us. She’ll locate me whether I’m taking a snooze on the sofa or busy on my laptop and demand cuddles.

Why some cats snuggle only when alone with the owner.

Final thoughts on why some cats love to snuggle at night.

Cats wanting to cuddle at night is normal and many cat owners have experienced this. Because they are active at night, cats will snuggle to protect you and express their love.

Cats are affectionate animals that will not shy away from expressing and demanding love.

What time does your cat love cuddles?

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