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Can Cats Drink Filtered Water: Uncover Accurate Benefits

Cats need water to survive. Without proper hydration, your cat can quickly develop kidney stones or other health issues. Not all water is created equal, which begs the question, can cats drink filtered water?

Can Cats Drink Filtered Water?

Cats can drink filtered water. Filtration removes chlorine and contaminants (arsenic and pesticides) from the water making it safe for cats. The filtration process also retains important minerals in the water that cats can benefit from.

Is It Necessary to Use a Filter in a Cat’s Water Fountain?

Always use a filter especially if you doubt the water’s source. Apart from making the water safer for your cat, the filters also ensure the fountain is working properly. Most cat water fountains come with their filters and all you need to do is clean the filter frequently.

Cat’s saliva has bacteria which causes the formation of slime on the filter and pump. Not cleaning the slime frequently will lead to bacteria growth and a sick kitty.

Is It Necessary to Use a Filter in a Cat’s Water Fountain?

Clean the filter for the pump at least once a week. That way, you can avoid a build-up of dirt, hair, slime, and gunk.

Continuous use of a cat water fountain without cleaning the filter may make it stop working entirely. The maximum time you can go without cleaning it is two weeks. However, you’ll have to work extra hard to remove the build-up.

What Are the Advantages of Filtering Your Cat’s Water?

Filtering your cat’s water removes bacteria and other contaminants making the water safe for your cat. Common water contaminants removed include fluoride, residue from pesticides, chlorine, dirt, and metals.

Advantages of Filtering Your Cat’s Water

The most common cat water fountains have 2 or 3-step filtration processes. Most pet fountains will have both charcoal and filter floss. Charcoal catches some chemical impurities while the filter floss traps larger dirt like hair and food particles.

The charcoal will also eliminate any odor that the water may have.

How Often Should I Change the Water in My Cat’s Filtered Water Fountain?

Change your cat’s water every day. Cats love fresh clean water. Water that has sat the whole day tends to develop some odor. It will also, most likely, collect some dust and fur.

How Much Water Should Cats Drink Per Day?

Can I force my cat to drink water from bowl or fountain

A typical housecat weighing 4kgs should drink roughly 200-280ml of water per day. This is the cumulative goal and includes water from other sources. Apart from drinking water, cats can get their hydration from eating wet food.

To get an accurate amount of water, check out this detailed guide on calculating how much water cats should drink in a day.

What Is the Best Way to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water?

The best way to encourage your cat to drink more water would be to move the water bowl away from the food. Food particles get into the water making it dirty, smelly, and may encourage bacteria growth.

It also helps if you provide multiple water spots at different locations. This gives cats a hunting vibe as they will feel like they are hunting down the water bowls. It also helps if one area is inaccessible (like if there’s a lot of foot traffic).

Cats Can Drink More Water With a Fountain

Some cats will also prefer water fountains over water bowls. However, this does not work with all my cats. Ever since I’ve had cats (over 25 years), only one of my cats has actually used a water fountain.

There are a lot of ways you can encourage your cat to up their water intake. If you’re struggling with your cat’s hydration, check out this informative post I wrote detailing 16 tricks I use to encourage my cat to drink more water.


What Is Better for a Cat, Tap Water or Filtered Water?

Filtered water is better for cats compared to tap water. Depending on where you live, tap water may have high fluoride levels. High fluoride levels can lead to increased heartbeat, drooling, and weakness. In severe circumstances, cats can develop kidney failures or even cancer.

Can You Put Filtered Water in a Cat’s Water Fountain?

It is perfectly safe to put filtered water in a cat’s water fountain. Although cat fountains have their own filters, adding already filtered water makes sure the cat is getting the best. It is however not necessary.

Is Distilled or Purified Water Better for Cats?

Cats should not drink distilled water. Although distilled water is free of chemicals and contaminants, the distillation process strips all minerals from the water making to make it as pure as it can get. This is bad for cats since they need these minerals to lead a healthy life.


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