Can cats drink sour milk
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Can Cats Drink Sour Milk?

Sour milk is a staple in my house. While I knew this is perfectly safe for humans, it caught me a little offguard walking in on my cat taking some sips while on the kitchen counter. I decided to research on the matter and here is what I dug out.

So, can cats drink sour milk? Yes, but not much.

Cats can drink sour milk. The bacteria used in curdling the milk eat up the lactose making it safer for cats. However, the bacteria may not completely break down all lactose, so care should be taken while feeding sour milk to cats.

Can Cats Drink Spoilt Milk?

Cats should not drink spoilt milk. Spoilt dairy may have dangerous microorganisms or moulds growing on it. Cats may experience stomach problems after drinking spoiled milk.

It’s important to note that spoilt milk is not the same as sour milk. While sour milk was purposefully created, spoilt milk occurred by accident. Spoilt milk may have moulds growing on it.

Can Cats Drink Fermented Milk?

Cats can safely drink fermented milk. Feremented dairy (yoghurt, kefir, sour milk and cultured butter cream) contains far less lactose compared to fresh milk.

The living bacteria in fermented milks are also beneficial to cats. The probiotics help aid digestion and strengthen the cat’s stomach, making it easier to digets and absorb lactose.

can cats drink sour milk
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However, lactose intolerant cats should still have less fermented milk. This is because the lactose sugar is limited but not completely eliminated.

Cats with lactose intolerance may still experience GI problems after drinking fermented milk.

Can Cats Drink Expired Milk?

Cats should not drink expired mik. The pasturization process not only kills the bad bacteria but also destroys beneficial microorganisms. This exposes the milk to other dangerous bacterias after its expiration.

The quality of expired milk significantly decreases and it may have an off-putting smell too.

Cats who have drank epired milk may experience diarrhea, bloating and vomiting.

Cat drinking milk

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Do Cats Prefer Fresh or Soured Milk?

Most cats will prefer fresh milk over soured milk. However, they don’t normally mind sipping some fermented dairy as the fat levels are the same with fresh milk.

Can Cats Drink Sour Milk? What Happens If a Cat Drinks Spoiled Milk?

What happens if a cat drinks spoiled milk?

Cats may experience vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration if they drink spoilt milk. Symptoms may last up to a maximum of 12 hours. Should they exist past that, contact your vet immediately.

Will Spoiled Milk Hurt My Cat?

Spoiled milk may hurt your cat. New lethal bacteria may have invaded the milk making it to go bad and cause food poisoning in cats. Observe your cat for any issues in the litter box before contacting your vet.

Keep in mind that your cat needs to have drank a considerable amount of spoiled milk for them to get ill. A lick or two will most likely not harm them.

What to Do If Kitten Drank Spoiled Milk?

What to do if kitten drank spoiled milk
Image of a kitten drinking milk from a bottle

If your cat drinks spoiled milk observe them for 12-24 hours. They will most likely expel the liquid within that time. There’s s chance that your cat may pass white stool and later on pass on some brown stool.

If your cat is still having diarhea/vomitting after 12 hours, then you need to visit a vet.

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Are All Cats Lactose Intolerant?

Not all cats are lactose intolerant. However, roughly more than half of all cats are lactose intolerant. All mammals, cats included, lose their ability to digest lactose when they atrt weaning.

If you’re unsure, test by giving your cat a teaspoonful of milk and observing them. If they experience stomach upset after some hours, ten they are intolerant. However, if they pass normal stools, then your cat can comfortably digest lactose.

Can Cats Drink Curdled Milk?

Cats can drink curdled milk in small quantities. The bacteria digests the lactose forming an acid called lactase. Lower levelsof lactose means lactose intolerant cats can have few slurps without having stomach upsets.

Can Cats Drink Spoiled Formula?

Cats should not drink spoiled formula. A bottle of spoiled kitten formula can lead to vomiting dehydration and diarhea. In severe cases, it may lead to hospitalization or food poisoning.


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