Halloween cat costumes

Cat halloween costumes you must try out in 2020

Well, Halloween is around the corner, and there is just so much going on. You have to decide on which costume you and your cat should wear that will leave others in awe. Well, as I was looking for cat Halloween costumes my pet should put on, I came across some epic costumes I thought I’d share with you.

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Apart from being extremely cute, they are quite affordable too. Well without much ado, here are some great costumes you should definitely try out.

Cat Halloween costume 1: A pirate 

I found this really impressive as it brings the whole role-play into action. I can assume my Chacha (Btw my cat is called Chacha) is a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean. It is made of soft and breathable polyester and non-woven fabric. The package comes with a hat to complete the whole pirate vibe. Awesome ikr ??. You can get it here

Cat Halloween costume 2: A lion mane

Cat Halloween costumes I’m obsessed with the cat family, be it my baby chacha or lion, tigers, all of them fascinate me. I found this really lovely as your baby cat gets to play the part of the king of the jungle.

Cat Halloween costume 3: The bat cat.

Cat halloween costumes   I’m not even sure if there’s such a name as bat cat, but seriously Halloween involves all those creepy, scary animals like bats. What better way to help your cat participate in the theme than to get him/her a bat costume.

Cat Halloween costume 4: The pumpkin look

Mention Halloween and everybody will automatically think of pumpkins. Well, you can also recreate the pumpkin look with your cat through this costume to bring the ‘trick or treat’ mood going. In addition to the costume being comfortable, your cat will look so cute in it.

Cat Halloween Costume 5: A peacock costume.

Cat Halloween costumes Peacocks are hands down one of the most attractive bird species around. And hey, we all love pretty things, and this costume is the bomb. I mean, the colors are vibrant, and your cat can easily pull off this look without a lot of effort. It’s not complicated, and s/he can move around in the costume sparking the theme.

Cat Halloween Costume 6: Doctor cat

This outfit is so adorable. Be sure to get compliments when you attend parties o host guests over. Your cat will look very instagrammable in this costume with the cute photos, and frankly speaking, isn’t that what we all want?

Cat Halloween costume 7:  Hat and Fleece.


This costume is for you if you are not a fan of being extra in your outfits and it’s totally ok, I got you covered. The beauty of this costume is you can also reuse it during other parties and events that you’ll be going with your cat as it’s a little toned down.

Cat Halloween Costume 8: Baby shark

Cat Halloween costumes   Halloween is time for some cosmic play, and this is a fantastic way to do it, a baby shark costume. If you have a pup and a cat, well good news, you can dress them as twins in this costume. Check it out on Amazon.

Cat Halloween Costume 9:Piggy cat.

I found this outfit really cute, and I couldn’t help but imagine my cat cozily snuggled up in it. The costume is warm and soft, a plus for any cat seeing cats are obsessed with cozy covers. Explains why they jump on your bed a lot.

Cat Halloween Outfit 10: A Cat princess.

This one is for female cats only, BUT it is SPLENDID. The colors are warm and attractive and will definitely attract some compliments.

Cat Halloween Costume 11: A sailor

Dressing your cat in this sailor navy hat and tie will definitely make your cat stand tall among his peers. I think it looks adorable and it’s unisex, cool, right?

Cat Halloween Costume 12:  A cat cop

Hands down this were one of the most intriguing costumes I’ve come across in my search for an outfit for my cat Chacha. I liked how the whole look screams “Hey look at me, I’m a cop”. You should definitely consider this one.

Cat Halloween Costume 13: Spider cat

Nothing screams Halloween like spiders and other creepy animals. Dressing up your little feline friend as a spider cat is a charming idea as s/he blends with the theme. I loved this look, as it is also light and comfortable.

Cat Halloween Costume 14: A pizza cat

Cat Halloween costumes This costume is a killer look, and I like it. The comfortable material coupled with the ease of putting it on your cat is a bonus point. It looks best on fluffy animals, though.

Cat Halloween Costume 15: Vampire cat cat Halloween costumes

Mention Halloween and vampires will be among the first creatures that will pop in your mind. Transforming your little pet into a vampire cat for the Halloween holiday is easy with this costume.

Well, there you have it, 15 of the best cat Halloween costumes for 2020. I’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment below.


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