18 ways to how to know if your cat loves you

18 point checklist on how to know if your cat loves you

Your little feline friend may be hard to understand especially since they appear snobbish and emotionless. However, cats are very emotional animals and do not shy away from letting you know exactly how they feel.

Here are ways cats show love to humans.

18 signs your cat really loves you
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1. Your cat loves rubbing on your leg.

You’ve probably experienced this already. You see your cat approach you, and s/he heads straight for your legs and brushes their body.

This indicates that your feline friend is showing you some love as their scent remains with you. You should always allow your pet to rub on you as this gives them a pleasure.

2. Following you, around signals, your cat can’t have enough of you. 

You stand up to grab a coffee, and your little feline pet is also hot on your heels following you around to every room you will go.

This is a secure sign that the cat loves your company and is willing to spend its valuable time following you around just to be with their best friend. I know sometimes you will find yourself tripping as the cat thuds and tries to keep up with your footsteps, sometimes coming in front of you.

3. Are always in your space

Cats are extremely protective of their personal space and may sometimes growl at strangers. However, if s/he remains calm whenever you two are together, it means your feline does like you after all.

Cats may pretend to assume or not even acknowledge the presence of humans, but trust me, they do. That is why they follow their owners around and sometimes snuggle up with them on their beds.

ways to know your cat loves you
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4. Your cat always curls its tail when around you.

Cats usually use their tails to express their feelings and it is important to understand cat tail language.

While an agitated mouser will raise its back and tail, one showing cat love will curl its tail whenever s/he is near you. S/he will straighten up the tail and bend the end when around you.

Sometimes, your feline friend may choose to combine this with brushing your leg. Some cat experts refer to this curve as “the happy tail dance.”

ways to tell if your cat loves you


5. Giving your head butts

While this may seem like an odd way cats express affection, it is actually one of the felines’ ways of communicating.

Your cat uses head-butting as a means of saying ‘I love and care for you.’

Your feline friend is butting your head so that s/he can mark you with their scent. A cat’s body has typically high concentrations of secret glands on specific areas of their body, including their head and cheeks.

When your pet marks you with their scent, it makes it comfortable for them to be around you.

6. Your cat kneads (makes biscuits)

This is arguably one of the most common ways that your cat is trying to show you some love.

This behavior is developed during their young lives as kittens. Young cats will massage their mother to stimulate the flow of milk as well as bond with her.

So if your cat likes kneading your lap, they are trying to tell you that they treasure you.

7. Shows you their belly

A cat’s most sensitive part is its belly, and they will do anything to avoid showing out their tummies.

However, if your cat willingly shows you their stomach, it means s/he is comfortable with you. Lying on their belly puts cats at a vulnerable state where they are most defenseless.

You should be delighted if s/he willingly rolls over and allows you to rub their tummy. That would mean the cat sees you as their nurturer and trusts you.

signs your cat is obsessed with you
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8. Does not hold back that purring sound

That purring sound that your cat gives when you pet them is a clear indication that they value you. 

Cats Protection behavior manager Nicky Trevorrow told Cosmopolitan that cats exclusively purr for humans. They do not purr at other cats.

However, a mother cat purrs to her kittens as a form of affection.

9. Generous with bringing you gifts.

Although they may not be your favorite, cats will bring home gifts. These may range from dead bugs to small toys and other small insects.

Well, as much as the ‘gift’ is not pleasant, your cat would not gift you if they did not like you.

10. Your cat gives you gentle nibbles.

Although it might be slightly painful for you, this is another way that your feline friend is trying to say they love you. S/he does not know that the nibbles are unpleasant to you since it means so much for them.

Kittens also express their affection towards each other as they affectionately nibble on their siblings.

11. Does not shy away from licking (cleaning) you.

Felines are among the cleanest animals. While it is normal for cats to lick themselves, they may also extend love through licking you.

You should consider it an honor that your cat thinks of you as family. Their tongue is a little rough and may be great for exfoliation.


ways of knowing cat love you

12. Gives you that slow blink

This is the ultimate show of love in the cat world equivalent to a kiss. You might notice your feline staring at you then slowly blinks. The cat is merely trying to say that they cherish and love you.

13. S/he makes the gurgling sound.

One of the weird things cats do when they love you is make a gurgling sound.

Although not very common, some cats will gurgle whenever they are around their favorite humans. These are not the typical meow sounds, maybe when the cat is in a friendly and sociable mood.

14. Tolerates when you show them affection

We all know cats cannot tolerate what they don’t like. However, they will tolerate you hugging and kissing them even though they are not big on kisses.

They will let you cuddle up with them whenever you feel like it and will not run away. This is a clear sign that the cat loves you and is willing to sacrifice their personal space for you.

15. Not shy to greet you at the door when you come home.

Your cat will meet you at the door when you are back from work because s/he misses you. Your little feline friend may even memorize the sound of your car and will happily run to meet you at the door.

16. Your cat frequently touches you voluntarily.

18 ways to know your cat loves you

Cats are known to value their personal space. If your cat touches you voluntarily, then s/he loves you and is trying to shower you with some affection.

17. Sometimes demands attention

We’ve all seen the cat memes where the felines demand attention. This is actually true, and you have probably noticed it already. If your little feline friend notices that you are giving something or someone else more attention, s/he will demand some attention.

You’ve probably seen your cat sprawling on your keyboard as you try to finish up on your assignment or meowing when you are trying to read a book. It is a clear indication that your cat loves you.

18. Does not run away from home.

Try taking a cat to a new environment, and s/he will run back to where they feel loved and treasured. We all want to feel appreciated, and cats are no exception.

Well, some people joke that the cat is not living in your house but is instead, letting you live in theirs?.

FAQs on how cats express their love.

Do the big cats in the wild express love to one another?

Whether domesticated or out in the wild, cats have similar behaviors. Wild cats also display their love, care, and affection as their domesticated cousins.

Here is a video showing lions just like domesticated cats, express love by rubbing heads, licking, and grooming each other.

Why do cats sometimes bite as a means to show love?

Cats will sometimes hug and bite humans as a way of showing their love. Commonly referred to as “love bite”, cat bites tend to happen when a kitty is enjoying the attention and getting petted by the human.

An affectionate cat bite is gentle nibbling and is not lethal.

Cats also use nibbles and love bites to show affection to other cats especially when they are young.

This explains why cats will bite humans when playing or when they are being petted. It is simply a form of appreciation and a way of saying “I love you!”

Do cats actually love their owners?

Although they may seem aloof, cats do have feelings. If you look out for the above signs, you’ll notice real-life examples of cats showing care for their humans.

Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs?

As a fur parent, I’ve come across people who feel that cats are mean and wonder if they can love their owners just like dogs.

Just like any other living animal, cats are able of forming deep bonds with whomever they choose.

Cats are capable of forming deep relations with their human and will get emotionally attached and invested. Cats also feel emotions and it is not just a reaction to being fed.

Final thoughts on signs your cat loves you.

As a rule of thumb, check on the mood of the cat and how the kitty behaves around you to know if they care for you.

Most especially, keenly observe your furry friend and check if you can spot the above signs on how your cat may be trying to show you some affection.





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