tips for raising a friendly cat

Important tips for raising a friendly cat

Cat owners, I included, know all too well how raising a cat seems like a massive job. I mean, there’s just so much to do with your little baby, and you’d want to shape up their character into a disciplined, friendly cat.

The best way to train your cat to be friendly is to start when they are young.

Kittens turn into social cats by interacting with people. By interaction, I mean being held, spoken to, and played with—from an early age.

If a kitten does not become accustomed to individuals holding her and petting her inside this significant window, she goes to grow up apprehensive of people and will not be suited to or joyful living in homes.

However, you can still train your adult cat to be friendly.

Here are some tips for raising a sociable and friendly cat.

Tip 1: Train them to come when called

Cats quickly learn their names after you repeatedly call them. Depending on your cat breed, it may take some time, but once your cat recognizes their name and starts coming when you call them, it is one step to raising a friendly cat.

While I was training mine, I used to call out her name while feeding her and sometimes while stroking her. She learned her name within one week.

Tip 2: Please be gentle.

Cats are, by nature, very gentle creatures. It is crucial to be gentle while trying to create a rapport and raise a friendly cat. Just like children, cats take in a lot from their environment and reciprocate.

If you shower your cat with gentle affection in the form of strokes or petting them, then you’re grooming him/her to be friendly.

Although they sometimes do appear aloof, cats thrive where their owners shower them with love and affection and trust me, they will reciprocate as long as they feel safe around you. You can check signs that your cat feels safe and adores you here.

I’ve also noticed my Chacha doesn’t like loud noises. She always darts whenever there is a loud, sharp sound. You might want to limit the loud noises at your place.

Tip 3: Don’t treat your kitties as adults.

I’m guessing how you relate to adult humans isn’t the way you connect with adolescents and kids, right? Well, this is also how you should relate to kittens and cats.

Kittens, by nature, are very playful and like to feed a lot compared to adult cats. You can take advantage of this to bond with your cat and raise them into a friendly cat.

I also noticed when Chacha was a kitten, I bonded with her through feeding her. She knew my legs and would rush to rub herself on me whenever she saw me. With time as she grew older, she has always been very friendly to me.

Try and play with your kitten whenever you find her playing. This is essential in bonding with your kitty, and he/she will automatically be friendly with you.

For starters, I’d encourage you to either create or buy a small ball, maybe using knitting yarn.

I used to play with my Chacha using a string and slowly drag it on the ground. She always got the cue and would hide behind the seats just to pounce on that string.

Tips for raising a friendly cat

Tip 4: Socialize

This is very important if you want to raise a friendly cat. Be there for them, love them, show affection, respond to them, do it all, it is very essential.

Stroking your cat when they are sleeping means a lot to them as they view you as a friendly person. To them, you care, and you are not out to hurt them as they snooze. Cats are independent animals, but once they know they can trust you, then they will always be friendly.

However, it is crucial to know that cats sometimes love their personal space, and you have to respect that. Give them their time, and when they feel like socializing, your little feline friend will make time for it.

Tip 5: Introduce your cat to other canine animals

The earlier you start this, the better. Dogs and cats are not necessarily the best of friends. However, they can be.

This may be easier if you already have a dog at your home, but if you don’t have one, you can take your cat to the park to socialize with other dogs.

Cats are naturally scared of dogs, and sometimes an encounter with one may have caused trauma.

If you are in doubt if your cat is friendly and loves you, then you can check the signs here.

Final thoughts on raising a friendly cat.

In conclusion, it is best to start as early as possible training your cat to be social. Cats are intelligent animals and with care, you can easily transform your pet into a friendly cat.

Although sometimes they may appear as if they don’t really care but trust me they do. The beauty of raising a cat is you can train them to be friendlier and warmer into the perfect feline friend you want.




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