Rag doll cat price guide

Rag Doll Cat Price: How To Get The Best Deal On Your Rag Doll

A kitten from a breeder can cost anywhere between $700 to $2,000 while a Rag doll cat from an animal shelter or rescue could cost as little as $150.

Rag Doll cat price variates in costs will occur depending on the age of the cat, the breeders quality and the type of the cat. A show bred rag doll will be way expensive compared to a pet rag doll.

How much does a purebred rag doll cost.

A purebred Ragdoll cat is a breed of cat with a distinctive color pattern and gentle nature.

Before getting ito the cost of acquiring a ragdoll (whether purebred or a mixed breed), let’s first understand where the breed originated from.

The Ragdoll Cat is a breed that has been around for many years but it was only in 1990s that it became popular in America and Europe.

The breed originated from California in 1960s with some breeding work done by Ann Baker who was trying to create an American Longhair cat with no aggression.

Ann Baker named the first rag doll Josephine after her daughter. Josephine was born from a Burmese mother and an unknown father.

The rag doll had unusual coloring for the time: she had white fur with patches of blue, green, yellow, orange, red and black mixed throughout.

The name of this breed comes from the way their fur lays on their body. It looks like it has been draped over the cat’s body, hence the name ragdoll.

They have a very distinctive look because they are bred to have a large head, round face, and almond shaped eyes. Purebred rag dolls come in many colors and patterns but the most common colors are white, orange tabby, seal point, blue point, mink point, red tabby, cream point and lynx point.

Rag doll cat price guide
Ragdoll cat

Rag dolls often cost more than regular cats due to their prestigious titles. Their price depends on the breeder and their location.

The cost of a purebred Ragdoll cat varies depending on its color and other factors such as lineage, gender and age. Some cats can cost as much as $1,500 while others can be found for less than $500.

Costs associated with owning a Ragdoll cat include vaccinations, show expenses, and other medical procedures.

There are many costs associated with owning a Ragdoll cat, which drives up the price significantly.

You’ll have to spend money on food, travel, and other overhead costs when owning a Rag Doll.

Purebred rag dolls can cost a lot of money over time.

Rag Doll Cat Price – One time costs of getting a rag doll

One time costs of getting a rag doll
Lovely ragdoll cat portrait with beautiful colors and patterns

  Adoption fees

Adoption fees vary depending on the animal’s age, breed, and size.

Fees also vary depending on whether or not the animal is spayed/neutered.

The adoption fee includes all necessary veterinary care and vaccinations up to date.

If you are adopting an animal from a shelter, your local humane society, or a rescue organization, additional fees may apply for the care of that animal prior to adoption (e.g., vetting).

Adoption fees are tax-deductible in most cases if you are adopting an animal in the US.*

There may be other costs associated with adopting (e.g., transportation); please consult with your adoption agency for more information.

Adoption agencies often require a home inspection before an animal can be adopted.

One time costs of getting a rag doll - Adoption fees
Ragdoll cat, 7 months old, standing in front of white background

Breeders fees

In the United States, a purebred ragdoll will cost you between $ 400 to $2,000.  The variation in costs will occur depending on the age of the cat, the breeder’s quality and the type of the cat. A show-bred ragdoll will be way more expensive compared to a pet rag doll.

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Factors to consider before buying getting a rag doll.

  1. Consider the personality of the cat.

Generally, rag dolls are known to be of mild temperament and are good around kids. They love cuddles and being around their owners and other pets.

Although rag dolls are fairly huge, they are softies and laid back.  For this reason, it is best to get two ragdolls so that they can keep each other company.

Although they don’t meow to other cat breeds, they are very chatty when it comes to their owners. This happens mostly when they want to get something.

However, you should keep in mind every cat is unique with its own personality.

Factors to consider before buying getting a rag doll.
ragdoll cats in front of white background

2. Consider whether or not a male or female is better for you.

Male rag dolls tend to grow bigger than their female counterparts.

It is also important to note that female rag dolls will cost more than males. This is because if not spayed, the female one will give birth to valuable kitties that can then be sold.

3. Consider the cost and health risks involved in buying a cat.

We are talking pet health insurance, good diets, walks, and everything that will help in the quality of your rag doll’s life.

Are you able to care for the cat? Can you provide quality healthcare when needed?

4. Male cats are more likely to develop UTIs and blockages.

5. Male kittens from a breeder may be at an increased risk for these issues.

6. Consider the health of the seller and their cats before making your purchase.

7. Consider if you’re allergic to cats.

Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic and it is best to not get one if you suffer from cat allergies.

However, medium coat cats (like rag dolls) sometimes tend to not affect people with mild cat allergies.

How to acquire a rag doll

There are two ways of acquiring a rag doll; at a shelter and through a breeder.

Can you find a Ragdoll cat at a shelter?

Due to their expensive nature, it is not easy to find ragdolls at every shelter. Sometimes, you may be lucky to find one as a rescue. However, most likely, the ragdoll may have health issues or defects such as limps.

They are a rare breed so you may need to look for a Ragdoll cat breeder in your area to find one.


This is arguably the easiest way of getting your pet. Although it is costly, a breeder will have a variety of ragdoll cats that you can choose from.

Ragdoll Cat price range

By Country

CountryAverage Price
United States$400-$2,000
United Kingdom£ 350
Australia$ 360-$2,600
Germany€ 1,000
New Zealand$1,200-$1,800
China¥ 5,000
Philippines₱ 300-₱20,000

By states

StateAverage Price
New York$1,600-1,800
Las Vegas$500-$1500
Los Angeles$700-$1500

By gender

GenderAverage Price

Discounts on ragdolls

Sometimes breeders have special discounts where the rag dolls go for less than what they normally go for.

This mostly happens during special occasions (think Easter, Christmas e.t.c)

By quality 

Breeders use specific terms when classifying different rag dolls. Here are breeder terminologies that you should be aware of.

However, regardless of the category, all rag dolls should have deep blue eyes and mild temperament.

  • Pet alter quality

This means the rag doll does not meet the breeder’s selection criteria for breeding. This cat can’t participate in cat contests/shows due to a physical feature (E.g a marking that isn’t symmetrical).

Some breeders may spay/neuter while others may leave this to the purrents who’ll get the cat.

However, this type of rag doll is still very beautiful and capable of being a loving companion.

Ragdoll Cat price range
A closeup of a cute Ragdoll cat with beautiful blue eyes.
  • Show alter quality

Show alter quality rag dolls meet all the requirements to contest and be showcased in cat shows. They have the perfect markings.

These cats are neutered/spayed and they tend to be very expensive.

  • Breeder quality

Ragdolls in this category tend to check every box in the breeder’s list. They are a purrfect set to continue with the ragdoll lineage in the breeder’s cattery.

They are not spayed/neutered.

  • Show/breeder quality

Cats in this category are what may be considered as perfect. They have perfect markings and meet the breeder’s standards.

Here is a table showing the prices of different rag dolls depending on quality:

QualityAverage Price
Pet alter quality$350-$2,800+
Show alter quality$1,500-$4,000+
Breeder quality$1,800-$4,000+
Show/breeder quality$2,300-$5,000+

What affects the cost of Ragdolls/ different patterns and costs.

In the past, Ragdoll cats were very rare and hard to find. However, with the increase in popularity of Ragdoll cats, they are now fairly common.

As a result, there are many different breeds of Ragdolls available at shelters. Some of these include:

  • Traditional (red) rag dolls
  • Mitted (white with patches) rag dolls
  • Colorpoint (solid color) rag dolls

What to look for when buying a rag doll.

  • Spayed/neuter

Depending on the reason for getting your rag doll, you may prefer to have the pet still fertile. However, if the cat isn’t for breeding it would be best to have a spay/neuter your rag doll.

Spaying/neutering helps in preventing the overpopulation of cats and also improves the quality of life of rag dolls.

Although some breeders will spay/neuter before you take your ragdoll home, some will leave this task to the owner.

  • Quality of breeder

Not everyone who breeds rag dolls is a good breeder.

A registered cat breeder is part of a cat organization/council (e.g International Cat Association). They are bound by a code of ethics and will only breed high-quality pets.

They also have pedigree certificates for the animals they breed.

A backyard breeder is not part of any cat organization/council. Although they may or may not use purebred, they do not breed to the breed’s standard.

They typically produce kittens on small scale and can’t provide pedigree certificates for their cats.

A kitten mill produces kittens in cramped conditions. The cats are not kept as pets and live a low quality of life. Their sole purpose is to breed, producing litter after litter of kittens.

  • Perfect markings

Ragdolls with perfect markings will cost a lot more compared to those with slight cosmetic flaws.

If you want a rag doll as a companion it is best to go for a pet quality rather than a show or breeder quality cat.

  • Ragdoll pedigree certificate

This document shows the rag doll’s genetic family tree. In most cases, it will go up to the fourth or fifth generation.

The pedigree certificate will also help you in identifying if the ragdoll is a pure breed or not.

Which rag doll is the best?
Photo by Tudor S on Pexels.com

Which rag doll is the best?

Ragdolls that are seal point colored tend to be the most popular and therefore the most liked.

Deciding on adopting or buying a rag doll.

Before you get any pet, it is important to decide whether you are up to the task. There are two options to go about it; buying or fostering/adopting.

When you buy a rag doll, the cat becomes yours and you have legal rights over the animal.

However, this is not the case when it comes to fostering. Fostering a cat simply means that you will only be staying with the ragdoll for some time before you part ways.

Here are some points to help you decide:

Is it worth it to buy a rag doll?

Deciding on adopting or buying a rag doll.

Some people may think that it is too expensive to buy a rag doll, but you can find some on sale or adopt one from an animal shelter. If you want the perfect pet, then you will be willing to pay the price because they are worth it!

Can you own a rag doll on a budget?

Yes, you can own a ragdoll cat on a budget, so do not fret.

To save money, you should adopt from a shelter or go to a pet store. You should also make sure that you have enough food for your ragdoll cat and that they are getting exercise every day.

How to save money while owning a rag doll.

We all are trying to save money one way or another (I included) and an opportunity to pack up some bucks is highly welcomed.

Here are some tips that will help you save some cash while owning a rag doll:

  • Buy in bulk.

Be it cat litter or cat food, it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. I personally always make sure to stock up, especially when there are sales.

  • Exercise.

Although it may not look like it, letting your cat exercise is a great way to save some bucks. When you go for walks with your cat, you’re improving their quality of life.

In the long run, it will save you from those expensive veterinary visits. 

How to identify a purebred rag doll.

How to identify a purebred rag doll.
Ragdoll cat in front of a white background

Purebred rag dolls are the result of cross-breeding two different purebred cats.

They are often mixed with a variety of other breeds, like a moggie, and will have more than one coat color.

The only way to know for sure if your cat is a purebred ragdoll is to take it to the vet for genetic testing.

How Do I Know What Breeder Is the Best Ragdoll Cat Breeder?

It is very important to only get your ragdoll from a good ragdoll breeder. While this may seem like a game of chance, you can actually differentiate between a good and a bad breeder.

Here are some key points to guide you:

  • Importance of getting to know your breeder.

Do some research on the breeder and get to know their history.

When did they start breeding? Do they have any scandals? Do they have any online reviews? Are they certified? Are they art of a cat association?

Finding more information about your breeder helps build your trust on them. This way, you are sure of what who you are dealing with.

  • Do the breeders showcase their cats in shows and contests?

Breeders who showcase their rag dolls in shows tend to produce good quality cats.

However, they also tend to be more expensive. This is because of all the additional costs involved in parading their rag dolls in cat contests.

  • Breeders discussion on your home, life, and family.

A good breeder will want to know if your home is a perfect match for their cat. Some breeders may even request to do a home visit just to be sure.

If the breeder doesn’t ask or is not bothered about your home, family, or lifestyle, then this is a huge red flag.

  • Relationship between the breeder and cat.

Observe how the breeder relates with the cats. Are the cats friendly with him/her? Are they purring or willing to get close and be petted?

A breeder with a good relationship with the cats in /his facility is a green sign. It shows that apart from this being a business, he/she cares for the animals.

  • Did the breeder let you meet the cat’s parents?

A good breeder would be more than willing to let you meet the cat’s parents if they are still in the facility.

Alternatively, the breeder can show you a pedigree certificate. This is a document detailing the rag doll’s family tree up to four or five generations.

The pedigree certificate would also be another way of knowing whether your ragdoll is purebred.

How Do I Know What Breeder Is the Best Ragdoll Cat Breeder?
  • Is the breeder willing to show you official information?

Can the breeder show you their license? Are there vaccination certificates? Are they up-to-date?

The breeder should be able to answer all your questions and create confidence in them.

  • Is the breeder willing to link you with their vet?

A good breeder will be willing to link you up with the vet that takes care of the animals whenever there’s an issue.

It makes sense since the vet understands the cat and has the pet’s medical history.

If by any chance the breeder is dingy about this information, then stay clear.

  • Did the breeder rush/push you into making your decision?

From my experience, anyone who rushes you into making a decision in most times is not truthful. I mean because why would you rush me? Is there anything you’re trying to hide?

These are some of the questions that should be in your mind if the breeder is pushing you to make a decision quickly.

  • Sites to avoid when getting a rag doll.

Needless to say, some sites are filled with scammers who are out to get your money. Sites to avoid include:

  • Craiglist

It is best to stick with official sites whenever you want to get a rag doll from an online pet store. Some legit sites include:

Conclusion on Rag Doll Price

Ragdoll Cats are not just a pet, they are a member of the family. They are loyal to their owners and will follow them everywhere they go. If you have any other pets, be sure to introduce them slowly so that your Ragdoll Cat can get used to them.

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