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Why Cats Can Drink Coconut Water and Eat Coconut

Coconut water, the magic drink everyone is talking about. It packs a lot of nutrition for humans, but can we say the same for cats? Can cats drink coconut water? What about coconut oil and cream? Read on to find out.

Cats can drink coconut water. The nutty drink is packed with electrolytes and trace minerals which can help improve your cat’s health. However, too much can cause your cat to develop kidney problems, so exercise caution.

Is Coconut Water Safe for Cats?

Coconut Water safe for Cats

Coconut water is safe for cats when drunk in its purest forms, straight from the coconut. However, commercial ones may have preservatives and additives that may end up hurting your cat’s digestive system.

Fun fact:

Did you know coconut water is the second purest liquid in the world after water?

Is Coconut Water Good for Cats?

Coconut water is good for cats in small quantities. It has potassium which cats require to regulate heart function, muscle contractions, and nerve impulses. However, too much coconut water can lead to potassium and sodium poisoning in felines.

Coconut Water Safe for Cats

Coconut water has up to 4 times higher potassium levels compared to bananas.

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banana milk safe for cats
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Is It Normal for Cats to Like Eating Coconut?

Some cats love coconut and it’s most likely because of the texture they get when biting into the fruit. Cats are intelligent creatures and instinctively know what to eat and what to stay away from.

However, even though your kitto loves snacking on this tropical fruit, it’s too oily for them. Keep in mind that it’s not part of their natural diet. So, if you notice any behavioral changes (like vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite) contact your vet.

What Does Coconut Water Do for Cats?

Coconut water provides cats with potassium and sodium, important minerals that help in regulating a cat’s body. Both act as electrolytes and prevent cats from getting dehydrated. However, too much of these two can be toxic. Limit the amount of coconut water you give your cat.

What Does Coconut Water Do for Cats

Is Coconut Water Better Than Water for Cats?

Coconut water is not better than water. Water should be the primary source of hydration if cats. If your cat is having a hydration problem, then opt for wet food first before supplementing their diet with new fluid.

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How Much Coconut Water Can Cats Drink?

Cats can drink a maximum of one ml (1 ml) of coconut water in a day. This will provide them with their daily requirement of .33g of potassium and .042g of sodium. Anything more than that will be toxic to them.

(I based my calculations on an average healthy housecat. The exact numbers may vary depending on your cat’s weight and health conditions)

MineralHow much is in coconut water (mg/100ml)Effects on cats
. Diarrhea
. Lethargy
. Excessive thirst/urination

Symptoms in severe cases:
. Tremors
. Seizures
. Coma
. Death
Potassium274.32Muscle weakness
(Source: National academies)

Can Cats Drink Coconut Milk?

Cats can drink coconut milk in small quantities. Although it has fewer calories than other milk types, coconut milk has more fats than cow milk. The fats are also more concentrated compared to other plant milk types. However, a lick won’t harm your cat as long as it’s not a norm.

Benefits of Coconut Milk for Cats

Cats should only take a maximum of 1 tablespoon of coconut milk. This will provide them with their daily requirement of 3.6g of fats, sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates necessary for their well-being.

Coconut milk has several benefits for cats including helping with the speed of nerve signal transmissions, fighting inflammation, cell membrane development, and the absorption of fat-soluble minerals.

Here is a table to help you better understand the nutrients found in coconut milk for your cat.

NutrientHow much cats needHow much is in 1 tablespoon of coconut milk
Fats5.5g3.6 g
Sodium42mg2.3 mg
Potassium330 mg39.5 mg
(Source: National Academies & USDA)

Why Do Some Cats Like Coconut Milk?

Cats may like coconut milk for two reasons; the cat may simply like the taste and texture of coconut milk. Cats may also drink coconut milk if they have a nutrient deficiency. They may drink it for proteins and energy if their diet is not providing enough nutrients.

Whenever My Cat Has Milk, She Throws Up. Should I Give Her Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk can be used as a milk substitute. Cats are lactose intolerant and may throw up after drinking cow milk. However, the high-fat content may make your cat obese if you routinely feed her some.

Can Cats Drink Coconut Oil?

Cats can drink coconut oil. The tropical oil is mainly just cold-pressed coconuts and does not have much added to it. Watch out for commercial coconut oils as they may have preservatives that may harm your catto.

How Much Coconut Oil Is Good for My Cat?

Cats should only take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. This will provide 4.5 g of fats to cats which equals 82% of their daily fat intake needed. Coconut oil should only be used as a treat and not as part of a cat’s daily diet.

Can Cats Drink Coconut Oil

Remember a cat’s body prefers animal fats compared to plant fats, so it’s best to limit their intake.

Is Coconut Oil Safe for My Cat’s Paws?

Coconut oil is safe for your cat’s paws and will not arm them if they lick it during grooming. Its moisturizing effects will help with the irritation that comes with cracked paws. Coconut oil can also be used to clean a cat’s ears and groin area.

If you applied coconut oil on their fur and you need to get it out, then wash them with dish soap and warm water. That’s if your cat is well-behaved and actually loves water.

If yours is like mine, however, then just wet bathe them. Wring off the water before wiping the oil off their fur.

My Cats Eat Coconut Oil Every Day, Is There Anything Bad for Them in Coconut Oil?

Although there is nothing bad in coconut oil, cats should not have it every day. The tropical oil should only be used as a treat and not as their main nutrition source. It should only be a maximum of 10% of their diet.

Can Cats Have Coconut Cream?

Cats should not have coconut cream. Although a tablespoon provides the needed fat daily requirement, the potassium levels exceed what a cat should have in a day. A lick or two however will not kill your cat.

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Can Cats Drink Pinacolada Drinks?

Cats can drink pinacoladas. However, this should only be as an occasional treat seeing pineapples are very sugary. The high sodium and potassium from coconuts also limit the number of times cats can have pinacoladas without developing health issues.

Can a Cat Climb a Coconut Tree?

Cats can comfortably climb coconut trees. The tropical trees have a rough texture which gives cats the perfect grip to climb higher.

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