Poem people in love


From first sight,

I felt rise to an exceptional height,

Increasing the beats of my heart,

Felt so fine, felt so right,

The interest, the love, the care, all I felt,

Never ever did I imagine you would have left,

Thought you were my Mr.Right
But then most unexpected happened, shit

Ran so deep leaving a great heart

Into tiny little pieces, it broke my heart

Hurt, sadness and pain was all I felt

The door to my happiness I saw it shut

The feeling was unexplainable but was more than a cut

Felt so poor in the heart like a church rat

Thought we were beautiful and unique like art

But this is for sure blinder than a bat

I didn’t have the strength all I did was sat

At your call, I will quickly dart

But all because you own my heart

Was hoping you be my first and last

It’s ok if things don’t go as planned

All I know is you reign in my heart.

love poem
Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

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