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Hello there,

Welcome to Catly, where I share my 20+ experience as a cat owner. My name is Connie and I aim at providing the right information for you to help you in your journey as a cat owner. 

  • I am a huge cat lover and I can guarantee that my feline friend is my best friend. She probably knows most secrets that my friends don’t.😅😅
  • I’ve had a cat since 2002. I named my first Cinderella (2002-2008), my next was Puss (2008-2017) and finally, Chacha who is Puss’ daughter.
  • I have amassed lots of information while raising my cats. This gives me an edge since in most cases, I’m talking out of experience from my cat purrenting journey.
  • I am extremely blunt and you can be sure to get the absolute truth from me.
Connie Mukenyi

Proud catto lover.