Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When They Sleep

Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When They Sleep?

The main reason for why do cats cover their faces when they sleep is because they are trying to block out light from entering their eyes. Cats have a natural instinct to protect themselves from light, which is why they sleep in dark places.

Cats cover their faces when they sleep because they want to keep the heat in.

When they sleep, many cats will cover their faces with their paws to protect themselves from the cold. When a cat’s face is exposed to cold air, it will cause them to shiver and wake up.

Key takeaways:

  • Cats cover their faces for various reasons
  • While often a sign of peaceful slumber, excessive sleepiness alongside other symptoms like loss of appetite or changes in litter box habits could indicate underlying health issues.
  • Observe your cat’s sleep patterns and overall behavior. Consult a veterinarian if you notice significant changes in sleep duration or the presence of additional symptoms.
  • Covering their face provides a sense of comfort and security for cats, allowing them to rest soundly and feel safe.

Reasons why cats cover their faces when sleeping.

Cats are known for their curiosity and intelligence.

They are constantly exploring their surroundings and looking for new things to learn. There are a lot of things that cats do that we don’t understand one of them being their sleeping habit.

So, why do cats cover their faces when they sleep?

This is a question that has been asked by many cat owners over the years.

One of the most popular answers is that they are trying to protect themselves from predators while they sleep. Another explanation is that cats cover their faces because they don’t want to see what’s going on around them in case it scares them.

Here are some of the reasons why cats cover their faces when they take a snooze:

Protect their eyes

Cats cover their eyes to sleep to block out excess light and fall asleep.

Cats groom themselves while they are sleeping to protect their face from pests.

A cat’s face is the main focus of grooming, so they will often cover their eyes while they are sleeping to protect it from fleas.

For comfort and warmth.

Cats have different sleeping positions that are comfortable for them; each cat has its preferences.

Some cats like to stretch their front legs above their heads when sleeping on their stomach or back.

When a cat stretches its body, it often covers its face. This behavior happens automatically, and a cat does not think about it.

To protect their noses.

Cats cover their faces to protect their noses when they sleep.

When cats cover their faces, it helps them curl into a smaller ball shape and trap the heat into their bodies.

This helps them maintain the temperatures and keep warm, especially if the air is a little chilly.

Acts as a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

While it might not be a conscious thought, covering their face can indeed signal to other animals that the cat wishes to be left undisturbed.

This is especially true if they are in a particularly deep sleep. By blocking out external stimuli, the cat maximizes their chance of a peaceful and uninterrupted snooze.

Therefore, when you see your cat napping with their face covered, it’s best to respect their desire for peace and quiet and let them enjoy their slumber.

Block noise out.

Cats, like many other animals, have excellent hearing. They can detect a much wider range of sounds than humans, including high frequencies that we can’t even perceive.

This heightened sensitivity can make them susceptible to noise pollution, especially in busy households.

By covering their faces, cats can create a muffled environment that dampens unwanted sounds and helps them achieve a deeper, more undisturbed sleep.

This might explain why they often choose to snuggle under blankets, bury their heads in cushions, or curl up with their paws over their ears.

Sign of security.

Although domesticated, cats are predominantly predators. Under any natural circumstance, a cat will try its best to protect itself even when sleeping.

Even though kitty is sleeping in an op

Cats use their paws and tails to protect their faces from attack.

Sleeping in areas where the entry and exit points are in view helps to safeguard the cat’s security.

This also explains why some cats bury their heads under blankets or laundry to feel safe. Burying her head in a dark place gives our feline friend some sort of security.

For some reason, some kitties will feel safe with their heads covered despite the rest of the body being perfectly visible.

Our felines also do this when they are trying to hide their vulnerability while they sleep.

They want predators to think that they are dead and not worth hunting, so they cover up their face with a paw or tail.

Marking their territory.

Cats mark their territory by rubbing their faces on objects.

Cats release pheromones that other cats can smell and interpret as territorial marking.

By rubbing against people, cats may be claiming ownership or communicating their affection for their owners.


While covering their faces often indicates a desire for undisturbed sleep, exhaustion in cats can extend beyond the need for a simple nap.

How do Cats Sleep?

Cats sleep for 15-20 hours a day, with some cats able to snooze up to 20 hours.

Gray, cold, or drizzly conditions attract longer sleeping hours.

Cats are crepuscular animals and are more active during the night between dusk and dawn.

Cats normally drift into sleep and experience similar sleep stages as humans when they’re tired.

Cats sleep in a variety of positions, but some prefer to curl up with their paws or tails hiding their face.

Cats develop a strong bond with their owners and may adjust their natural circadian rhythm to match the owner’s schedule.

Here is a cool case study I did to understand why some cats only cuddle at night.

Why do Cats Use Their Paws and Tails to Cover Their Faces?

Cats are known to be independent animals that have a certain level of stubbornness. They also have an instinct of self-preservation.

The reason why cats use their paws and tails to cover their faces is because they are instinctively trying to protect themselves from predators. This is a behavior that all cats exhibit, no matter the breed.

Cats cover their faces with paws or tails to feel safe and secure.

Cats nap in a variety of interesting locations, including on blankets, in boxes, and under furniture.

Cats use their paws and tails to protect their eyes from light and keep their noses wet while they sleep.

Conclusion on why cats cover their faces when sleeping.

In conclusion, the adorable act of cats covering their faces while sleeping isn’t just a quirk, it serves several purposes. It provides a sense of security and comfort, blocking out light and potential disturbances for a deeper sleep.

This behavior also helps them conserve warmth and potentially protects their sensitive noses. While a peaceful slumber is often the reason, excessive sleepiness alongside other symptoms could indicate underlying health issues, making it crucial to monitor your cat’s overall well-being.

So next time you witness your fcatto tucked under a blanket or nestled against a pillow, remember, it’s their way of creating a safe and comfortable haven for a restful sleep.

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