do siamese cats like water

Do Siamese Cats Like Water? Everything You Need to Know

Do Siamese cats like water? This adorable cat breed is no different than other cat breeds. And we know most cat’s don’t like water, but is this also true for the Siamese cats?

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What are Siamese cats?

Siamese cats are a breed of cat that has the characteristic of having two separate coats of fur. The outer coat is thick and long, while the undercoat is short and fine. This combination results in a sleek, shiny coat that’s very soft to the touch.

The Siamese cat was originally bred in Siam (now Thailand) by crossing a black domestic cat with a blue British Shorthair tomcat. Today, there are more than 100 recognized varieties of Siamese cats, all of which have different colors and patterns.

Do Siamese cats love water?

If you’re thinking about getting a Siamese cat, the answer to this question is an emphatic yes.

These fluffy felines love water and will bathe themselves whenever they have the chance. They’ll even drink out of your glass if it’s ceramic or plastic-lined!

What are the benefits of giving your Siamese cat water?

Some benefits of providing your furry friend with water include: keeping them hydrated, aiding in digestion and waste secretion, as well as reducing the chances of your feline getting kidney stones.

Giving your Siamese cat water is an important way to keep them hydrated and healthy. It also limits their access to food so they don’t overeat.

How can you give your Siamese cat water?

One easy way of providing upping your furry bestie’s fluid intake is by filling a bowl with fresh water and placing it near the cat. You can also put a small amount of wet food in the bowl for the cat to eat.

According to this research by Vet Focus, mst cats prefer their water bowl/fountain to be located far away from their food bowl. So keep this in mind while setting up a hydration area.

Additionally, you can provide water fountains if your kitty prefers one.

What are the risks of giving your Siamese cat water?

If your Siamese buddy is drinking lots of water, there’s a chance that s/he may experience nausea. This may result from the stomach acid building up rapidly from the excess water.

A huge risk from this acid build-up is they end up throwing up right after they drink the water.

How much water should I give my Siamese cat?

Aim for 100ml of water for every kg of their body weight. If your cat is taking more than this amount, then they’re probably suffering from Polydipsia.

This is a condition where the feline experiences extreme thirst and ends up over-drinking. If you notice anything strange with your furrball, then it’s time to see a vet.

How can you tell if your Siamese cat is dehydrated?

If you notice any of the following signs in your Siamese cat, it might be dehydrated: dry mouth, decreased appetite, and sluggish movements.

How can you tell if your Siamese cat is dehydrated?
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What should you do if you think your Siamese cat is dehydrated?

If you think your Siamese cat is dehydrated, it’s best to take them to the vet for a checkup. Dehydration can be dangerous and can lead to other health problems if not treated quickly.

As a home remedy, you can give her fluids and electrolytes intravenously or orally.

How can you prevent your Siamese cat from becoming dehydrated?

To prevent dehydration, it is important to make sure they are drinking enough water and keeping them cool indoors during hot weather.

Additionally, feed them small meals often throughout the day.

Preventing dehydration in a Siamese cat is important for their health and well-being. Dehydration can be caused by a number of factors, including lack of water intake, high ambient temperature, or inadequate air conditioning.

What are some other things you should know about Siamese cats and water?

Some other things you should know about Siamese cats and water include the following:

  • Siamese cats are very good swimmers.
  • They enjoy playing in water.
  • Siamese cats need plenty of fresh, clean water to drink, and they can be prone to getting kidney problems if they don’t drink enough.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

1. Curiosity

Cats are curious animals by nature and it’s not a surprise that your furry Siamese is curious about the shower.

Keep in mind that you’re completely naked when youre in the bathroom and your furrball maybe curious about your body.

2. Playfulness

Siamese is one of the most playful cat breeds. Known as the eternal kittens, they will take any chance to sneak in some playtime.

a siamese kitten
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3. Instinct

Instinct is a natural tendency that allows animals to do what feels best for them. This includes things like seeking out water when they’re thirsty, eating food that’s comfortable for them, and sleeping in warm places.

Some people believe that cats are drawn to water because of the way it cools them down. Cats have a lot of furs, which can make them very hot and uncomfortable. So when they’re thirsty, they go looking for water to drink.

Other people think that cats like the taste of water because it’s a source of hydration. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that their body requires nutrients from meat as well as plant-based sources like water.

Either way, siamese cats seem to enjoy getting wet!

4. Salt?

There is a scientific explanation for why siamese cats like water – they are attracted to the salt content in it.

Salts are important to animals because they help regulate the body’s fluid balance. Siamese cats, like other felines, are able to sense salt levels in their surroundings and react accordingly.

When they drink water that contains salt, it helps them stay hydrated and feel better overall.

5. They Enjoy The Sound Of Running Water

Some animals (like Siamese cats) find the sound of running water soothing. This is because it creates a rhythmic flow of liquid that resembles the noise made by their prey.

6. It Helps Them Clean Their Coat

Cats have a thick layer of fur that needs to be regularly cleaned in order to prevent fungal and bacterial infections from developing.

7. Water Cools Down Your Cat

When the air temperature is hot, cats seek out sources of cold (like water) to help regulate their core body temperature.

Playing in water also gives cats a chance to chase and play with other cats, something that can keep them physically and mentally healthy.

Cats love the feeling of wet fur against their skin so playing in a pool or fountain is also a great way to keep your cat happy and hydrated!

8. Associations

When cats encounter information in their daily lives, it often stays with them long after the original source has disappeared – that’s because associations are formed between different pieces of information over time.

This happens when two things are associated with each other in their minds, and they start seeing them as connected.

One example of this is when a siamese had a good water experience while being a kitten. The feline will learn to associate water with positive memories and will not freak out when seeing water.

What Kind Of Water Do Siamese Cats Love?

cat drinking water from glass
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Siamese cats love cool, fresh water. This cat breed is in love with running water and will choose this any day any time over some still bowl water.

They are also known for enjoying water, and this is likely due to their unique coat. The fur on a Siamese cat’s body traps a lot of moisture, which keeps them cool and comfortable.

How Do I Know My Siamese Cat Likes Water?

There are several indications that your siamese cat may enjoy drinking water. For example, they may be more playful and active when they’re drinking water, or they may drink more quickly than usual.

Additionally, the cat can lick its paws when given a bowl of water or drinks from the sink. The feline will also prefer wet food over dry food due to the moisture content.

Additionally, a siamese who doesn’t mind getting wet will happily jump in the pool or follow you to the shower and not mind the drops falling on them.

Make sure you observe how your furry bestie is behaving during bathtime. Is it a normal fun time or do you feel like invoking the gods to hold down your pet for you so you can survive a clawing bathing session?

If your cat does not do any of these things then it does not like water.

TIP: If your cat likes water, you can try filling a bowl with water and leaving it out for her to drink from. If she drinks from the bowl but doesn’t seem interested in getting wet, you can place a small amount of water on the floor next to the bowl and see if she’ll step in and splash around. If she does splash around, she’s likely enjoying herself!

Do Siamese cats need baths?

No, Siamese cats do not need baths. However, some people recommend giving them a bath every few months as a way to keep their coats clean and prevent matting.

How can I indulge a Siamese cat’s love for water?

Provide them with a special fountain or dish that dispenses water intermittently. This will give the cat something to do and keep them hydrated, while also satisfying their curiosity about the flow of liquid.

Your Siamese Loves Water – What Should You Do?

What to do if your Siamese cat loves water?

1. Preserve Your Floor

Water can easily seep through cracks in the floor and accumulate in places where it can cause serious damage. Mold and mildew can grow rapidly in moist environments, causing respiratory problems and other health issues.

Regularly cleaning your floor will help to prevent these problems from happening and make your home more comfortable overall.

There are a few easy steps you can take to keep your floor clean and free from water damage:

1) Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove debris and dust. This will help to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates on the surface of the floor.

2) Make sure there are no gaps or cracks in the flooring that could allow water into the house. Repair any damaged areas as soon as possible so that moisture cannot accumulate inside the walls or under the flooring.

3) Keep children, pets, and other animals out of wet areas – they’re just asking for trouble! If you do have to let them stay near a wet area, try to keep them out of high-traffic areas.

2. Give Access to Your Bathroom

Siamese cats naturally love water – so providing them with access to a bathtub is important for their health and happiness. However, many cats don’t have access to a regular bathtub due to space constraints or other factors.

If this is the case for your siamese, provide her with an easy way to get wet by installing a pool or fountain in her bathroom. This way, she can enjoy soaking in clean water anytime she wants.

3. Provide Water Toys for your Siamese Cat

Providing your Siamese with water toys will keep them entertained and hydrated. Toys that feature moving parts, such as a pool or waterfall, are the best option for cats because they provide mental stimulation.

4. Pond and Pool Safety

If your Siamese loves to swim, you’ll want to make sure your pool is a safe area for them. If your cat gets into the pool and falls in, they could be seriously injured.

To make sure your cat stays safe while swimming in the pool, it’s important to keep several things in mind:

-Make sure the surface of the pool is smooth and free of any sharp edges or protrusions that could injure your cat.

-Never put anything over the side of the pool that might block their view – this includes plants and furniture.

-Keep pools clean – debris can get trapped underwater and can become a choking hazard for cats.

-Never leave children unattended near a pool with a pet, even if they’re supervised by an adult. There’s always a risk that something will go wrong and your child will be injured by their pet.

5. Provide a cat water fountain for your cat.

A cat water fountain is a simple device that filters water through a filter cartridge and dispenses it into a bowl or fountain. The most popular type of cat water fountain is the Catit, which has three different water flow settings depending on water drinking.

Many cats love drinking from fountains, so providing one will likely encourage your cat to drink more fluids overall – both indoors and outdoors.

If you live in an area with hard water, be sure to buy a fountain that has a built-in filtration system to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Fountains are also easy to clean – just fill them with warm (not hot) soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. You can also use a hose if necessary.

If you have multiple cats, it’s helpful to install multiple fountains around the house so each one has its own source of fresh potable water. This way, everyone gets their fair share!

6. Give her some water-safe toys to play with.

Provide a cat water fountain for your cat.
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Siamese cats are known for their love of water, so providing her with some toys that can be played with in or near water will keep her amused and hydrated while you’re away.

Toys that work well for this purpose include balls, kitty pools, and other small containers that can be filled with water.

Do Siamese cats like bathing?

No, Siamese cats do not like bathing. They are known for their long, thick fur that is water resistant. Bacteria and other dirt particles can get stuck in the fur, making it difficult to take care of them when they start to get dirty.

Siamese cats Bathing Do’s and Don’t

Never use human soap or shampoo for your cat’s bathing

Do not use human soap or shampoo on your cat – it can be harmful to their health.

Cats are able to detoxify themselves better than humans, which means they don’t need harsh soaps that contain chemicals.

These soaps can actually make things worse for them by stripping away their natural oils and causing irritation or even infection. Just like you wouldn’t give a toddler bath with suds and bubbles, don’t let your cat get sudsy either!

Never use human soap or shampoo for your cat's bathing
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Regular bathing is not needed

There are a few reasons why regular bathing isn’t necessary for siamese cats. First of all, their thick fur coat protects them from the elements.

Second, their kidneys are able to filter out excess water and urine just fine without any assistance from humans.

Third, they enjoy playing in the water and getting wet – which helps keep them clean.

If your siamese cat does start to smell bad or if his coat starts to look dry, it’s okay to give him a bath once or twice a year as long as he doesn’t get too wet. Otherwise, he’ll be just fine without it!

Don’t use a human hairdryer to dry the fur

Don’t use a human hair dryer on your cat’s fur – it can cause irreversible damage.

A hairdryer is powerful enough to heat up the air and force it through the pet’s fur, which can cause burns, cuts, and even death.

Instead, use a low-heat setting on your regular dryer or take your cat to a professional groomer who will be able to properly clean their coat.

Brush your cat to remove any excess fur

orange tabby cat on chair
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Cats naturally groom themselves, but if their fur is too long or thick, it can become tangled and matted.

Brushing your cat regularly will help to remove this excess hair and prevent problems from occurring.

It also removes any mats or tangles that may be causing problems.

Do not dunk them underwater

Don’t dunk your Siamese cats in water when they’re bathing – it can cause them to become sick.

Instead, use a gentle mist or spray to wet them down. You can also put them in a sink full of warm water for a bath.

Dunking your furry friend may also traumatize them and make them hate water.

Will a Siamese Cat Play in Water?

Yes, a siamese cat will play in the water. Considering this breed loves playing and is also in love with water, it should not come as a surprise if they choose to get active in water.

What Breeds of Cat Like Water?


Sphynx cats have a thick, water-repellent coat that helps them stay dry in even the wettest environments. This coat also makes them resistant to sunburn and other skin injuries.

They are usually quiet and low-maintenance, which makes them great choices for families with allergies or pet dogs who might be allergic to other types of cats.

Because sphinx cats require very little care, they make great pets for people who work full-time or have busy lifestyles.

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs are a type of cat that is commonly found in the United Kingdom. They have long, flowing hair that is often described as “fluffy.”

They are also known for their gentle nature and their ability to get along with other animals.

These cats make great pets because they’re easy to care for and don’t require a lot of exercise.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large domestic cat that was originally from North America. They are known for their thick fur coats, which make them resistant to the cold weather and ideal for living in colder climates.

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