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3 Fascinating Benefits for Why Cats Drink Camel Milk

Think about camels and the last thing that comes to mind is their milk. The liquid desert gold is very nutritious for humans, but can the same be said for felines? Can cats drink camel milk?

Can cats drink camel milk? Yes, they can drink camel milk safely. It is highly nutritious and has the highest vitamin C levels found in animal milk. Camel milk also has low lactose levels making it unlikely to trigger intolerance in cats.

Can You Feed a Kitten Camel Milk

Kittens can feed on camel milk. It is very nutritious with a high mineral and vitamin content and has low lactose levels. The high protein in camel milk is also helpful for growing kittens.

Camel milk is the closest to a mother cat’s milk if you can’t find kitten milk replacers.

Studies done on underweight pups showed a significant improvement after drinking camel milk.

The pups gained a pound a week and didn’t show any of the usual symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Seeing that pups and kittens almost need the same dietary requirements, it would be safe to allow kittens to drink camel milk.

Can Kittens Drink Milk From a Dog

Can Cats Drink Dog Milk: Basic Things to Consider

Can Camel Milk Powder Be Given to Cats?

It is safe to give your cat some camel milk powder. The powder is as good and healthy as fresh milk. It’s packed with nutrients that can your cat’s body in fighting diabetes, skin diseases, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and heart illnesses.

What Are the Benefits of Giving Cats Camel Milk

1. Camel Milk Has Medicinal Properties

Camel milk has high antiviral and antibacterial properties which help strengthen cats’ immunities. It may also help diabetic cats regulate their insulin levels.

Benefits of Giving Cats Camel Milk
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A study done on diabetic dogs showed that camel milk has medicinal properties. According to the research, dogs fed camel milk experienced a decrease in their blood sugar and total protein concentrations.

2. Camel Milk Is High in Protein

Camel milk delivered a protein that mimicked insulin and that is easily absorbed compared to other insulin-like proteins from other milk types. It also provided therapeutic compounds that boosted the dogs’ health. The milk also has zinc which promotes insulin production.

The effects continued even after the dogs stopped drinking camel milk.

Can Camel Milk Powder Be Given to Cats?

3. Camel Milk Is High in Antioxidants

Camel milk also contains antioxidants which are great for fighting mange and skin rashes. The antioxidants are also key in fighting free radicals in a cat’s body. This means that camel milk would be a great addition to cats battling cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of cat health in 32% of cats. Statistics have proven that 1 in every 5 cats will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime.

What Is the Difference Between Camel Milk and Cat Milk

Cat milk and camel milk have almost the same compositions. However, cat milk has higher protein while camel milk has slightly higher lactose than at milk.

Cat milkCamel milk
Protein (%)43.4
Fat (%)33.5
Lactose (%)44.4

What Kind of Milk Can Cats Drink?

Cats can drink lactose-free cow milk, goat milk, camel milk, and kitten milk replacers. Avoid giving your cat sheep milk as it has very high lactose levels. Cow milk also has a high chance of triggering gut issues (diarrhea, vomiting, passing gas, etc.) in cats.

Cats can also drink some plant milk types. If you’d like to explore more on this topic, you can check out this post I’ve written detailing a list of 7+ vegan milk types that cats can safely drink.


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