Can cats drink baby formula
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Can Cats Drink Baby Formula?

Most cats are suckers for milk and will beg their lungs out for some. We know most cattos don’t properly digest cow milk but can cats drink baby formula comfortably?

Kittens can drink human baby formula, although they will not get the proper nutrition from it. However, adult cats should not drink infant milk as they are unable to properly digest lactose. Cats lose the ability to digest lactose as they wean.

Can Adult Cats Drink Baby Formula?

Adult cats should not drink baby formula. The majority of infant formulas are made from cow milk and have more lactose added to them so that they can match a mother’s milk. While this is helpful for human babies, it negatively affects cats since they can’t digest lactose.

adult cats drink human baby formula

Can Cats Drink Human Breast Milk?

Cats should not drink human milk. Cats produce more protein and fats, making their milk heavier than a human’s. The lactose levels are also significantly lower compared to what other mammals produce.

In extreme cases, however, a human can express and feed their cat some milk. Do not breastfeed your cat directly! If you’d like to know more about this, check out this post I wrote on the good, the bad, and the ugly of feeding your cat breast milk.

Can cats drink breast milk

Can Kittens Drink Baby Formula?

Kittens can drink human baby formula. However, this should only be in emergencies where the kitten is orphaned or you can’t easily get kitten formula. In such an instance, use double the normal recommendations for a human baby.

Is Baby Formula Toxic to Cats?

Baby formula is not toxic to cats. However, many cats may experience stomach upset and diarrhea from sipping the infant milk. Medically unfit cats should not take baby formula as their bodies are already weak and slight dehydration could be fatal.

Can kittens drink baby milk
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What Will Happen If My Cat Drinks Baby Formula by Mistake?

If your cat drinks some baby formula by mistake, observe them for a few hours. Most likely they will be fine and will only experience usual symptoms like passing gas and diarrhea.

Should Kittens Drink Baby Formula?

Kittens should not drink baby formula. While cats can digest some of the components of human baby formula, it is not a complete or balanced diet for them. Cats lack the ability to properly break down carbohydrates, so they would not be able to benefit from the sugars in baby formula.

In addition, the extra calories in baby formula could lead to obesity in cats.

NutrientEffect on kittensBaby formula
Cow milk proteinLactose intolerance1. Similac Advance
2. Enfamil Infant
Soy ProteinKittens are unable to properly digest soy milk1. Similac Soy Isomil

2. Enfamil ProsoBee
3. Gerber Good Start Soy

(Source: Medical home portal)

Why Kittens Should Not Drink Infant Milk Regularly

Feeding kittens baby formula regularly will lead to malnutrition. Infant milk lacks proper fat content, vitamins, and minerals for proper kitten development.

Baby Formula Toxic to Cats

Can You Use Baby Formula to Feed a Kitten?

Can Kittens Drink Similac?

Cats can drink Similac. The infant milk has some nutrients like potassium, sodium, and Vit C, all of which can benefit your cat. Cats are also unlikely to have an allergic reaction to Similac. This is because it is made from hydrolyzed proteins (proteins that have been broken down into very small particles to reduce any chances of an allergic reaction).

However, Similac, Nan, Enfamil, or any other formula is made with human babies in mind. They are packed with nutrients that can only adequately help a growing baby.

Some cats are also lactose intolerant and will most likely have an issue digesting the baby milk. Some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance include vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Keep in mind feeding Similac to your kitten often would make them malnourished since they will not be getting their required daily calorie intake.

Can Kittens Drink Soy Formula?

Kittens can drink soy baby formula. However, plant milks don’t provide needed nutrients for kitten development. You can opt to prepare a milk replacer using one can of evaporated milk, two tablespoons of Karo syrup, and one egg yolk.

What to Feed a Baby Kitten If You Don’t Have Formula: How You Can Substitute Kitten Milk

It goes without saying that a mother’s milk would be your best bet when raising a kitten. A queen’s body adjusts and produces milk with proper nutrition as the kitten grows and develops. However, you might find yourself with an orphaned kitten and wondering what to feed them.

Here is a list of some suitable kitten milk replacers:

1.      Goat Milk

Goat milk is packed with protein and other vitamins that can be helpful to your kitten. Science Direct lists goat milk as having one of the lowest levels of lactose.

NutrientAmount in goat milkAmount in cat milk
(Sources: Pubmed & Term Paper)

(Multiply % by 100 to get the grams eg: 3% * 100 = 3g in 100 ml)

2.      Canned Food

Depending on the kitten’s age, canned food can be a great replacement for a mother’s milk. Kittens from 5 weeks can comfortably start eating.

I’ve always weaned my kittens with wet food as it also increases their hydration levels. You can try experimenting with your kitto and stick to their preferences, between dry and wet food.

If your catto is a poor feeder, then you might want to try some chicken/beef broth and pour it over their kibble. Alternatively, you can decide to go for a raw diet. Although this is closer to their natural diet, there are some precautions you should take. If you chose this route, then check out this informative guide I prepared on safely feeding cats a raw diet.

Can cats eat raw meat


Can I Give a Newborn Kitten Diluted Cow’s Milk?

Newborn kittens can drink diluted cow’s milk. All newborn mammals can digest lactose including kittens. The milk temperature should be at 100° Farheinheight (38° Celcius).

However, cow’s milk does not have the proper nutrition that a newborn kitten needs to grow. DIluting it only makes it less nutritious than it already is for kittens.

Kitten drinking milk

Wondering which plat milks cats can drink? Check out this cool list of vegan milks cats can drink.

Can I Give My Kitten Lactose-free Milk?

Kittens can drink lactose-free milk. It is best for kittens older than 5 weeks as they lose their ability to produce lactase. Younger kittens produce lactase and can easily digest lactose.

Can Kittens Drink Powdered Milk?

Kittens can drink powdered kitten formula. It’s packed with the necessary ingredients to help your kitten grow. They can also drink regular normal powdered milk but it should only be in emergency situations and not a norm.

Can I Give My Kitten Nido Milk?

Do not give your kitten Nido Milk. Nido is meant for human babies and is fortified with minerals and vitamins that are majorly useful to human kids. Giving this to your cat frequently will only lead to malnutrition.

Can Kittens Drink Water?

Kittens can drink water as soon as they start weaning, which is at around 5-6 weeks. Water is important for digestion, maintaining kidney health, and regulating hydration levels in kittens.

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