Can cats drink pool water
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Can Cats Drink Pool Water? How to Stop Your Cat From Drinking Pool Water

I see cats from my apartment drinking pool water almost every single day. I’ve always wondered whether this is safe for them. I did some extensive research and here are my findings on cats drinking pool water.

So can cats drink pool water?

Cats can drink chlorinated pool water. However, pools with more than 10-12% chlorine may pose a health risk to cats. The chlorine gas may also cause throat irritation, especially in indoor pools with poor air circulation.

Is Salty Pool Water Toxic to Cats?

Salty pool water is not toxic to cats. Felines have strong kidneys that can filter out the salt and allow the water to hydrate them.

This explains why cats can drink ocean water comfortably. If you’d like to know more about the topic, check out my blog post on why cats can drink ocean water.

Cats Drink Ocean Water
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Can Cats Drink Pool Water that is Chlorinated?

Chlorinated pool water is not toxic to cats. The chlorine levels are diluted and can’t cause any serious harm to pets. However, they may experience some mild gastrointestinal discomfort.

Chlorine, in its purest form, is highly toxic to cats. The chemical will burn their skin and throat if ingested. The chlorine gas may also irritate the cat’s throat.

You, however, do not have to worry about your cat taking pure chlorine as the smell is a complete turn-off for them. It is important to lock up dangerous chemicals away from the reach of children and pets.

Risks of cats drinking pool water
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What Are the Risks If My Cat Drinks From a Chlorinated Pool?

Cats who drink chlorinated pool water may experience vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.

With continuous exposure, cats may experience signs of sensitivity like itchy skin and red eyes.

Cats who also like swimming may experience frequent ear infections. These infections however are most likely from dampness in the ear and not from the chlorine.

If your cat is having recurrent ear infections, you should consult your vet to find a suitable drying solution after swimming.

Why Does My Cat Drink From the Pool?

Cats will drink from pools mostly out of curiosity. The patterns formed by moving water may attract your cat making them decide to take a lick.

It could also be a sign your cat’s water bowl needs to be changed.

What to Do If Your Cat Drinks Pool Water

Observe your cat for twelve hours in case they drank a lot of pool water. They will most likely experience some symptoms of an upset stomach. However, these will fade away in a few hours. If the symptoms persist, visit the vet immediately.

Why does my cat drink from the pool?
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How to Stop Cats From Drinking Pool Water

1. Cover Your Pool

The best way would be to cover your pool when you’re not using it. Not only will this reduce the evaporation rate, but it will also keep the water out of the cat’s reach.

2. Supervision

It’s very important to supervise your cat. They may accidentally lick chlorine before you mix it in the pool. Or they may even fall into the water.

Although cats can swim, accidentally falling into the pool will guarantee they take one or two gulps.

3. Clean Water

Cats are weird creatures and will abandon their water bowls for various reasons, especially if she has one.

Make sure you provide an outdoor water bowl where she can quench her thirst. This way she’ll avoid the temptation to drink from the pool.

4. Pool Toys

Pool toys, especially the colorful ones, may tempt cats to jump into the pool. Whenever you’re not around, it’s best if you keep the temptation away.

How to stop cats from drinking pool water
Image by Ekaterina Kirgina from Pixabay

How Do I Make My Pool Safe for My Cat?

Installing a pet pool fence is the best way of making your pool safe for cats. The fence keeps cats off while still providing you with an excellent view. You should also learn how to perform pet CPR. The skill comes in handy if your cat falls into the pool and needs assistance.


Can Cats Swim in Chlorinated Water?

Cats are excellent swimmers and rarely drown. However, they might get tired midway and struggle to exit the pool.


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