Should cats drink ocean water

Can Cats Drink Ocean Water: The Hidden Truth, Separating Fact from Fiction

Cats are known to be finicky water drinkers. But what if they had no other choice, can cats drink ocean water?

In this blog post, we’ll go through why cats can live off seawater, the health effects, and some commonly asked questions that you may also be wondering.

can Cats Drink Ocean Water
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Can Cats Drink Ocean Water? Can Cats Drink Salt Water?

Cats can drink ocean water and any other salty water you might think of. Although humans can’t quench their thirst with salty seawater, cats can and will gulp on some salty water. Their kidneys are stronger and can filter out the excess salts, unlike humans.

I know you’re probably wondering isn’t salt bad for cats? Well, cats have strong survival instincts that they inherited from their wild ancestors.

Can Cats Live Off Seawater?

Cats can live off seawater as long as the food they are eating has only calories and less hydration. However, in the long run, they may end up not living a quality life if that is all the hydration they get.

Can Cats Live Off Seawater
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A study by a group of scientists also proved that cats can survive while drinking seawater. The cats in the study even overcame an induced water deficit by also eating some food mixed in with some ocean water.

Should Cats Drink Salt Water?

So, we’ve established that cats can drink salt water. But should they? Well, no. Just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

how much water should a cat drink per day
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A quarter glass of water (250ml) has approximately 9g of salt. This translates to two teaspoonfuls of salt.

Cats should only take 200mg of salt per kilo of their weight. Meaning even a teaspoonful is too much. Simply put, cats should not drink salt water.

It would hurt them over time so it’s best to keep your kitto away from some salty water.

Wondering how much water your cat needs daily? Check out this cool blog post I wrote with a table guideline on how much water cats need daily and tips to encourage them to hydrate.

Cat with a bowl of water

Health Effects of Cats Drinking Ocean or Salty Water

Long-term seawater drinking can harm your cat’s health. While cats can survive, the salt imbalances their electrolytes and could be a problem for their kidney. They can only survive but not thrive on ocean water, their kidneys can’t survive too.

What If My Cat Is Drinking Salty Pool Water?

Saltwater pools have only 1/10 salt content compared to ocean water making it less harmful. Taking a sip or two will not harm your cat.

However, you still need to observe them for any unusual behaviors such as becoming lethargic.

What If Your Cat Won’t Stop Drinking Salt Water?

If your cat is only taking occasional sips of salty water, then there is no problem. However, if your pet is only seeking salty water as their only source of hydration then you should immediately contact your vet.

They may be having deficiencies or suffering from polydipsia. The National Institutes of Health describes polydipsia as cats craving to excessively drink fluid, whether thirsty or not.

Can Cats Drink Other Types of Water?

Of course! Cats are notorious for being curious and always go out of their way to experiment. This explains why you’ll see your catto drinking shower water, water from plants, and toilet bowl water.

Do Cats Eat Fish in Bowls

Can Cats Drink Aquarium Water? Is Drinking Fish Tank Water Safe?

It’s very important to provide adequate hydrating areas in your house to reduce the chances of them drinking from the wrong areas.


Is Sea Salt Good for Cats?

Sea salt is not good for cats but it is not bad for them either. They can certainly do without the salt. However, if push comes to shove and they need water to survive, ocean water is more than welcome to quench their thirst.

Is Saltwater Good for Cat Wounds?

Is Saltwater Good for Cat Wounds
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Salt water (saline solution) is an excellent way to clean wounds. This timeless remedy kills the bacteria on the wound while giving the body a chance to heal itself.

According to a study done in 2021, the application of saltwater reduces wound diameter by the 3rd day and completely heals it by the 7th day.

Although a saline solution is a good idea for wounds, you might want to keep your cat (and yourself) away from ocean water.

But isn’t seawater salty with healing properties? Yes, but also there is a huge chance that the water might also be polluted and have many germs that thrive in warm environments. We don’t want that on your wound now, do we?

Can Cats Get Seasick?

Absolutely! Cats can get seasick. Just like humans they also experience change and can get motion sickness. Check out for symptoms like:

  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Excessively leaking their mouths
  • Excessive vocalization. It can either be meowing or howling.

Can Cats Drink Salt Water – Reddit Edition

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Most cat enthusiasts were actually surprised that their kittos could survive on ocean water. Here are some of the screenshots and links to the Reddit discussions.

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You can join this convo on Reddit

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